Zeta Centauri-B

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Zeta Centauri-B
General Data
*Class: M
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: None
*Location: Sector 001D subsector 05
*Star System: Zeta Centauri (Recent Discovery)
*Species of Note:None
*Faction Affiliation: None

Planet Details

  • Zeta Centauri-B is a class M planet that was apparently used by a race of being predating anything Starfleet has on file for the Delta Quadrant. ZC-B was discovered when an unknown signal had been detected from the surface of the planet. Once traced the entire Zeta Centauri Tri-planetary system was discovered. All Three planets in orbit around the Zeta Centauri star are all on the same orbital plane however they remain apart by some unknown means.

Upon searching the surface, it was discovered that the landscape and objects contained there were nearly identical to an asteroid like planet that was discovered more than 3 years ago around the Pinastri colony that caused much problems for Pinastri. Records of this can be found on Pathfinder Research Facility mission Magnet of Trouble.

There area appears to be a mining colony of some kind, without any known life forms. There are several robotic protection devices that from our research only move when a threat has been detected. In the center of the area is a huge Pyramid like object with an energy beam that emits from the center.

A quarantine order has been placed over the entire system due to the affects of the energy beam coming from the Pyramid. The beam is able to cause mass hysteria, violent tendencies, and in some cases schizophrenia behaviors in higher brain functional life forms ( Vulcan, Betazoid, etc). A Science vessel has been dispatched to the area for further study.

Captain Markus Tyrellium Commanding Officer, USS Aviator NCC75101-A Stardate: 120121