Xin Caodi

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Xin Caodi
General Data
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: Two
*Species of Note:Humanoid, Eluvian
*Faction Affiliation: UAP; ENC, 'Blue Sun Corporation'

Planetary Statistics

  • classification:
  • distance from sun:
  • diameter:
  • gravity:
  • atmosphere:
  • weather system:
  • temp.:
  • surface:
  • lifeforms:
  • tech. level:
  • first contact: USS Shogun - 130525


Xin Caodi (Translated to 'The Meadow' into English) is a large Fuel Production Facility and former Military Outpost for the UAP; a massive, gravitationally compensated platform in the atmosphere of the Gas Giant "Djinn's Bane" in the Kalidassa System. It was built in 2485 (Local Calendar, it was built in around 2341 on the Earth Calendar), it was built and designed to mine and process Hydrogen, Helium, and a wide range of other gasses in the atmosphere of Djinn's Bane. It was also designed to be a 'forward base' for Alliance Colonization Efforts in the System. With the other available mining possibilities Djinn's Bane became a valuable Resource.

During the UAP Unification War in 2506 (2373 Earth Calendar) Xin Caodi was fortified and converted into a full military facility. At one stage it housed approximately 20,000 troops and four squadrons of Ground Assault ships and Fighters. Due to the size and fighting compliment, it was referred to as 'Xiǎo shā xīng', or 'Little Death Star' by the Independent soldiery. Towards the End of the War, Xin Caodi proved to be too expensive to maintain, and was placed under the control of the Blue Sun Corporation for Capitalist Re purposing and use.

The UFS was made aware of Xin Caodi in May 2388, when the command staff of the USS Shogun visited Al Raqis (See Arrakis) and attended the Laansradt meeting. It had become apparent that a notorious Pirate, Jo Massenberg of the J'Est Neb had fled to that location, causing the Blockade by the Orion Confederacy.

The USS Shogun visited Xin Caodi a week after the aforementioned meeting, to investigate the suspicion that Captain Massenberg was responsible for the deaths of Federation Citizens in orbit of Al Raqis. She arrived too late to intervene on the attempted rescue of Massenberg by her cohorts in the J'Est Neb, causing the deaths of many locals and pirates, before the surviving J'Est Neb pirates escaped, Massenberg herself presumed dead.

Aid and First Contact has been established at 130525, with 'Official' first contact meetings with the Eluvian Government assumed to be occuring in 130608.



The Xin Caodi settlement itself, is an artificial construction named 'Huli Jing', and was created to support the original 'Mining Town'; profits became such that it became essentially a boom town, expanding larger and larger to be City Size, and is likely going to grow further to support the burgeoning population consisting of Corporate, Administratative, Mining, and Support Workers, Visitors, and Trade/Freight crews.

Whilst city-sized, Xin Caodi has two significant 'areas of interest'; the Corporate Sector, and the 'Old Town' (Referred to as by some locals as 'Nope').

The Corporate Sector consists of the local Corporate Administration Building, Ambassadorial Buildings, Corporate Docking Control, Higher Educational Facilities, facilities for the Companions Guild, Executive Residences, the Eluvian Temple, as well as a myriad of 'High Price' Stores and Restaurants in the region.

The Old town, presumed to be the original landing site of the original Blue Sun Miners, could be seen as a more 'Low Rent District' according to Capitalist Culture; Towards the oldest part of the settlement are the elder buildings, Architecturally similar if not identical to mid 20th-Century Europe and North America, sandwiched between Industrial Buildings (Which contribute to a significant amount of local pollution) and the Freight Ports to the West, and the gradual replacement of older buildings with newer, 'Corporate-Friendly' buildings from the Corporate Sector to the East.