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The Vulcan Science Academy or Vulcan Academy of Science was the most prestigious research center on Vulcan, also utilized by the Federation.

The Academy is an institution that predates the founding of the United Federation of Planets and has been one of the most significant science and research centers on Vulcan and within Federation space. Its main campus was outside the city of ShiKahr.

In the mid-2150's the Academy's findings on temporal science led most Vulcans to remain highly skeptical of the possibility of time travel.

The Academy had no department of temporal physics until the late 2290's, when Spock applied for a research position specializing in that field.

The Academy was also at the forefront of archaeological research in the 24th century, excavating ancient sites on the planet Tagus III.


  • T'Les, mother of T'Pol, was an instructor at the Vulcan Science Academy until 2154.
  • Spock nearly joined the Academy in 2249 but decided to join Starfleet instead, against his father's wishes.
  • T'Mara was director of the Academy in 2285.
  • Dr. T'Pan was the the director of the Academy from 2354 to 2369.
  • T'Piam attended and graduated the Vulcan Science Academy.
  • Xylion was a Starfleet liaison officer and astrophysics researcher at the Academy from 2337 until 2371 during which time he also took part in a three year deep space, science expedition.