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General Data
*Home System: [Classified, Believed to be in Sector 010F
*Home Planet: Classified
*First Contact: Prior to Stardate 100514
*First Contact By: Cadet Mina Landfall
*Faction: Galactic Alliance
*Government: Clan Structure
*Violence: Neutral
*Primary Language: Voxxian
Biological Information
*Scientific Order: Vulpanoid - Humanoid Foxes
*Skin: Red or brown fur.
*Hair: Red or brown.
*Eyes: Brown.
*Auditive: Vocal.
*Emphatic: Minor.
*Telepatic: None observed.
*Intelligence: Intelligent
*Genders: Male and Female.
Other Information


Described by Starfleet Intelligence as 'The Ferengi of the Delta Quadrant' the name isn't really deserved. The Voxxians are a vulpine race of traders who live in tightly knit clans on their ships going about to seek trade and better deals. They range far and wide for deals, often competing with each other. One is often not willing to give information on another without a steep price being paid. They are fanatical about hiding the location of their homeworld, willing to sacrifice their ship to do so.

Their government is decentralized, with a select group of Clans policing the others.


First Contact circa Stardate 100514 when a trio of Voxxians applied for Starfleet. On and off again contact since.


Tightly knit clan structure, each clan operating their own Trade Cruisers with a formation of escort ships in attendance. The more prominent clans have more ships, and thus larger populations, while the smaller clans can claim a single trade cruiser. They are excellent hagglers, but when they make a deal they stick to it.


On par with the Federation, with advances in some areas due to acquiring third-party technology through barter. One ship was observed to be equipped with Borg Torpedoes with a jury-rigged launcher.


Have a written contract handy - the more detailed, the better - or you might find yourself selling your starship out from under you without realizing it.


Mina Landfall, Frostbite Pikajuna, Kinney Randt