Vaxx II

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Name: Vaxx II

Position: 128.2 LY from Rimward from Pinastri Prime

Class: M*

Conditional Notes: Something is protecting this area. Advise not going too closely with vessels.

Society Classification: Unknown

Society Government System: Unknown

Date of Contact: 090711

Other Notes:

History and Other Information: The USS Shogun under the command of CO, Ulrich Bechir, was diverted slightly from its course to attempt to track the disappearance of a Pathfinder Deep Space Probe. Upon entrance into the Vaxx System and orbital procurement, Shogun lost control of its engines and began to decay in orbit.

A landing party was sent down to a likely area to try and find the source of what was decided to be a dampening field. What was discovered was a strange area with buildings that seemed Earth Victorian Age in origin, and a strange pyramid that did not fit the overall landscape. The area was dark and overgrown cobblestones were in evidence.

Fauna indigenous to the area were poisonous spiders (giant), plants that attacked and strange beings that did not register as 'living' that keep attacking. In fact, none of the fauna registered as living beings. It seems likely that the 'Guardian' of the region was creating these as a way to keep the crew from progressing farther.

Finally, a strange device was found that seemed to have a star chart embedded in it. The destruction of the device ended the active dampening field. The crew were able to beam back to Shogun and leave the planet's area.

Recommendations: Vaxx II and the Vaxx System should be avoided at all cost. A warning beacon has been placed in the area to keep UFS ships away.