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General Data
*Home System: [Tairis, Dactes Sector
*Home Planet: Tairis IV
*First Contact: Circa Stardate 100213
*First Contact By: U.S.S. Yurei
*Faction: Nuecha Alliance
*Government: Clan Structure
*Violence: Allied
*Primary Language: Nuecha
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Unknown
*Scientific Family: Unknown
*Scientific Order: Humanoid
*Skin: Reddish-brown
*Hair: Dark
*Eyes: Dark
*Auditive: Vocal
*Emphatic: Minimal
*Telepatic: None
*Intelligence: Yes
*Genders: Male and Female
Other Information
Currently claims a region of space from the Dactes Sector toward the Midgar Badlands.


First encountered as the Red Sun Rising Mercenaries, they were originally a widespread group of clans spread across the Midgar and Dactes Sectors. The Red Suns were a mercenary band attacking the Federation at the instigation of the Nabrathians. Following their destruction, and negotiations mediated by the Starships USS Sheppard and USS Luranza and under the protection of the Galactic Alliance, the Clans reunited and became close friends of the Federation.


First Contact circa 100213 when attacking USS Yurei, then launching a full-scale offensive against Pinastri Prime. Following the conclusion of the War, they began randomly attacking Federation Starships in the Midgar Sector, before being soundly defeated during an incursion by a task force of the Galactic Alliance. Several rogue clans joined with the USS Sheppard against the Nabrathians and under mediation and assistance in fighting a Nabrathian Outbreak circa Stardate 110625, declared peace.


Parlimentary, with each Clan appointing a representative. Known clans include Retcha (most Red Sun Rising came from this clan), Unretcha (strongly indebted to the Federation), Livnecha, Meklecha, Yglekcha Neguracha, and Krellecha (strongly militaristic).


Roughly equal to the Federation, with widespread use of transporters, phasers, missiles akin to photon torpedoes, they also have access to subspace weapons due to some clans having close ties to the Nabrathians.


Be honest and fair with them. Some clans do not trust the Federation, others (especially the Unretcha) hold the Federation in high esteem.


Mulgrave Dwi, April Coswell