USS Longtalker

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USS Longtalker
Nyota Sector.jpg
"paraRPing the Galaxy"
*Registry: NCC-47701
*Class: Galaxy Class
*Faction: UF Starfleet
*Base of Operations: Nyota Colony
*Commissioned: 2413
*Ship Yard: SS Astraios
*Ship Designer: Station Design and Construction Bureau
*Operational Status: Active
Design Specifications
*Type: Explorer
*Hull Composition: Duranium Microfoam & Tritanium Plates
*Overall Length: 642.5 Meters
*Beam: 463.73 Meters
*Draft: 195.26 Meters
*Decks: 42
Designed Capacities
*Crew Compliment: 625
*Life Support Capacity: 1500
*Auxiliary Craft: 4 Type 9 Shuttles, 2 Type 6 Shuttles, 1 Type 9-A, 2 Type 18 Shuttles, 2 Workbees
Tactical Systems
*Armament: 13 Arrays Phaser type X, 50 Quantum Torpedoes, 50 Photon Torpedoes
*Defenses: Ablative Armour
Engineering Specifications
*Warp Engines: 85 Petawatts APD-01 Dilithium Swirl Chamber
*Sublight Engines: 68 Gigawatts Krayne-19 Fusion Impulse Reactor
*Cruising Speed: Warp 8
*Maximum Speed: Warp 11 for 6 Hours
*Computer System: AC-15 - LCARS 4.5
*Power Systems: Independent fusion reactors
Senior Staff
*Commander: Hope Greenwich
*Executive Officer: Adum Brate
Extra Ship Information
Ship Logo

Deployment Information

Crew Manifest


Based on what seems to be the same ancient and apparently rusty Galaxy class vessel used by Capt Jean Luc Picard back in the late 2300’s – even the 1701D painted over to be 47701 - the crew of the USS Longtalker were officially assigned to salvage duty in and around Sector G-009D (Astraios Sector) in mid 2413.

Their stated purpose was to locate and obtain hulls, parts and components from wrecked or abandoned vessels and return these to Astraios Prime for repair and/or investigation. They exhibit a lack of adherence to Starfleet regulations and protocols. A mix of civilians, NCOs, and officers who have not made it through the fast track to promotion and command. The crew will become known to sell technology they have salvaged, and since the find was never reported, Starfleet is none the wiser. In their travels they frequent bars and other establishments known to space pirates, slavers, criminals and mercenaries. As time goes forward they will be known as a tight group who never back down from a fight, and it will be said that Starfleet is so thin on the ground that this derelict ship with a motley crew is tolerated as they perform a useful task in the Sector and it’s someplace to assign officers who don’t quite measure up but can perform a janitorial duty away from main base.

However, the true mission of Longtalker is one of reconnaissance and relationship building with those unfriendly or hostile to Starfleet. The crew has been carefully selected by FCapt Poison Toocool. They are shapeshifters and/or masters of disguise. They have a great affinity for language and most speak several although they might pretend otherwise. Their salvage missions will take them around the neighbouring sectors and can always be used as a reason for them to be in the vicinity of a planet or ship. Longtalker is secretly equipped with slipstream capacity and cloaking technology. In a shielded and hidden bunker they house special photon torpedoes.

Capt Hope Greenwich ((Poison Toocool)), undertook to head this special mission to investigate and pursue all possible information that could lead to better control of the mercenaries, pirates and other hostiles that frequented Astraios G-009D and its neighbouring sectors.

However, on stardate 150906 a catastrophic event was caused by the use of an isolytic weapon by the Weapons Master of House Gomang, who was seeking to reclaim governance of Astraios's sister planet, Treman Prime.

A massive rip in the space-time continuum created a spatial anomaly never before recorded. While this rupture was present, fully three planetary systems and a good portion of the massive Takaar Nebula were subject to gravimetric forces that pulled them swiftly into the rift. Included were the USS Longtalker NCC-47701, in orbit of N'doto; along with the hospital ship USS Marie Curie NCC-064 and the runabout Fenix in orbit of Keta. Those who remained on Astraios Prime believed that the systems, planets, and ships that were yanked into the rift were lost forever.

But the Longtalker, Fenix and Marie Curie, along with the planetary bodies Keta, N'Doto, Takaar, with their stars, had been transported through a massive wormhole to an unexplored area of space.

After the event, Fleet Captain Poison Toocool worked with many others, civilian and military, to stabilize the inhabited planets and moon, attempting to save as many as possible. Takaar Prime in particular was badly damaged and in the end those ships that were operational were used to evacuate the Welkins and the Sylarks to N'doto. Keta Prime also managed to survive but the influx of refugees and the interruption of the natural seasons on both N'doto and Keta led to issues with the supply of resources available to feed everyone.

The Galaxy class USS Longtalker now has an even more serious mission: the survival of those who were left alive after the 'big event'.

On stardate 160313 the USS Longtalker was declared lost by Starfleet Command.


USS Longtalker Mission 150920: "World's Ending"

USS Longtalker Mission 150913: "Fulsus"

USS Longtalker Mission 150906: "Anabainein"

USS Longtalker Mission 150830: "Nouitate"


  • Upgrades to Celestrial-class effective 150830
  • Upgrades to Classified effective Classified