USS Aviator

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USS Aviator
*Registry: NCC-75101
*Class: Champion class
*Faction: Starfleet
*Base of Operations: SS Tranquility
*Commissioned: Date of Commission
*Ship Yard: Cascadia Shipyards
*Ship Designer: Advanced Starship Design Bureau
*Operational Status: Destroyed
Design Specifications
*Type: Tactical Explorer
*Overall Length: 860 meters
*Beam: 356 meters
*Decks: 40 decks
Designed Capacities
*Crew Compliment: 250 Officers, 600 enlisted, 288 marines, 200 passengers
Tactical Systems
Engineering Specifications
*Cruising Speed: Warp 8
*Maximum Speed: Warp 9.9 (emergency velocity Warp 9.99 for 36 hours)
Senior Staff
*Commander: Vacant
*Executive Officer: Vacant
*Chief Engineer: Vacant
*Chief of Security: Vacant
*Chief Medical Officer: Vacant
*Chief of Operations: Vacant
*Chief Science Officer: Vacant
*Chief Tactical Officer: Vacant
Extra Ship Information
Ship Logo


The USS Aviator, NCC75101 was a Champion Class Starship launched originally under the Command of Admiral Calhoun.

The Aviator has a long and storied history within UFS having served as the Flag ship in many a battle. From being under the Command of Captain Kate Platt to the capable command of Captain Michael Schaf the USS Aviator has surely seen its share of adventures. The USS Aviaitor has had numerous Captain's and always served the fleet with the distinction expected of the Flag ship.

It was under Captain Madadh Magic, the successor to Captain Schaf that this storied ship came to an end, destroyed in a final confrontation with an Orion battleship. It was during the Have You Heard the Word? Campaign. The battle was fierce and the odds in our favor. Whilst the battle raged throughout the system and stretching resources very thinly, news came in of the tragic loss of the USS Aviator and her brave Captain Magic who stayed till the end going down with her ship. Thus perished the USS Aviator, fortunately Captain Magic was recovered albeit a bit battle scarred. With the flagship gone and situations dire the entire fleet rallied to expel the invaders, culminating in victory, though not without a great cost.

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