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Command Staff Badges

HQ Badges
UF Starfleet Joint Chiefs of Staff Insignia JCSBadge.png JCSRibbon.jpg
UF Starfleet Headquarters Insignia Senior HQSBadge.png HQSRibbon.jpg
UF Starfleet Headquarters Insignia Junior HQJBadge.png HQJRibbon.jpg
UF Starfleet Colony Administrator Insignia CAdminBadge.png CAdminRibbon.jpg
UF Starfleet Colony Staff Insignia CStaffBadge.png CStaffRibbon.jpg
UF Starfleet Sector Commander Insignia SCBadge.png SCRibbon.jpg
UF Starfleet Sector Staff Insignia SecSBadge.png SecSRibbon.jpg

Command & General Staff Development Badges

Command & General Staff Development Badges
CGSD Primitus Award Primus.png Cgsd1 ribbon.png
CGSD Secundus Award Secundus.png Cgsd2 ribbon.png
CGSD Tertius Award Tertius.png Cgsd3 ribbon.png
CGSD Honorary Award Cgsd4 ribbon.png

Academy Instructor Badges

Academy Instructor Badges
Grand Master Instructor Gold GMIGold.png GrandMast.jpg
Grand Master Instructor Silver GMISilver.png GrandMast.jpg
Grand Master Instructor Bronze GMIBronze.png MastInst.jpg
Master Instructor Gold MIGold.png MastInst.jpg
Master Instructor Silver MISilver.png MastInst.jpg
Master Instructor Bronze MIBronze.png MastInst.jpg
Senior Instructor Gold SIGold.png SeniorInst.jpg
Senior Instructor Silver SISilver.png SeniorInst.jpg
Senior Instructor Bronze SIBronze.png SeniorInst.jpg
Junior Instructor UFSAJI.png JuniorInst.jpg
Apprentice Instructor UFSAAI.png AppInst.jpg

Academy Cadet Training Officer (CTO) Badges

Academy Cadet Training Officer (CTO) Badges
Grand Master CTO Gold GMCTOGold.png GrandMast.jpg
Grand Master CTO Silver GMCTOSilver.png GrandMast.jpg
Grand Master CTO Bronze GMCTOBronze.png GrandMast.jpg
Master CTO Gold MCTOGold.png MastInst.jpg
Master CTO Silver MCTOSilver.png MastInst.jpg
Master CTO Bronze MCTOBronze.png MastInst.jpg
Senior CTO Gold SCTOGold.png SeniorInst.jpg
Senior CTO Silver SCTOSilver.png SeniorInst.jpg
Senior CTO Bronze SCTOBronze.png SeniorInst.jpg
Junior CTO JCTO.png JuniorInst.jpg
Apprentice CTO ACTO.png AppInst.jpg

Miscellaneous Badges

Miscellaneous Badges
UF Starfleet Command Insignia UFSCmdIns.png
UF Starfleet Greeter Badge (Recruiter Badge) UFSGreet.png
Special Operations Division Patch UFSSDO.png