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"To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before"
UF Starfleet Command
General Data
Branch: Command
Founded: 2384
Status: Active
Homebase: Pinastri
Division Staff
Division Head: Kermie Mistwallow
Vice Division Head: Poison Toocool
Division Structure


The Command department is ultimately responsible for the group, ships/stations and thier crews, and those within the department are responsible for commanding the group and representing the interests of Starfleet.

Uniform Color: Red

Positions in Command

Joint Chief

The UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff are the Advisor Council to the Commander-in-Chief as well as to the members and its Ships of the Line. The seven (7) members who make up the UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff are charged with the day-to-day operations of the group.

Commanding Officer

Ultimately responsible for the ship and crew, the Commanding Officer is the most senior officer aboard a vessel. S/he is responsible for carrying out the orders of Starfleet, and for representing both Starfleet and the Federation.

Executive Officer

The liason between captain and crew, the Executive Officer acts as the disciplinarian, personnel manager, advisor to the captain, and much more. S/he is also one of only two officers, along with the Chief Medical Officer, that can remove a Commanding Officer from duty.