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United Federation Starfleet is a very big and complex organization. As such we know it can be a bit overwhelming for new people to get around. So in order to answer the most basic questions for you I have created this little Q&A.

What makes UFS different from other SL groups?

A: Unlike any other Trek related group in SL, UFS is RL Incorporated. Plus UFS does not solely operates in SL

What does this Incorporation mean for me as a member?

A: Mostly it means that being a member of UFS has more advantages then any other group

What kind of advantages

A: For one you will be part of the largest Star Trek organization in Sl and beyond. You will also be part of something that is not yet another SL group that will fade away in a few months. Then of course there is its excellent academy and a structure that resembles starfleet as close as possible.

I have a rank in another group, can I transfer it to UFS?

A: No

Why dont you accept my rank from another group?

A: UFS has one of the hardest rank systems in any Star Trek related group. Unlike some others who use rank to gain more members, we pride ourselfs to the fact that our rank is earned the hard way. In such we can never be sure that your rank from another group has the same meaning as it has in ours. Plus if you really did earn your rank in another group by working hard, I am very sure that you can do the same in UFS

What if I offer to buy my rank?

A:Not happening...UFS is not that desperate for members to just loose its integrity

Even if I would build something extra ordinary for UFS?

A: Nope,not even then

I have a ship, can I place it on your sim as part of the UFS Fleet

A:No, we have a rather extensive commissioning program for new ships. Not only do we build all our ships (or items) ourselfs, we also want a new ship to follow a program before we even let it leave spacedock. This involves training missions, finding crew, train the crew and so on. Sometimes it can take up to 6 months for any new ship to be commissioned. This is done to prevent a SIM (ship) to fail within a few weeks.

Can I become a ship captain?

A: Anyone in UFS can command a ship, however....past experiences have learned us that 99% of the people that want to command a ship only do this for the 'power' but in reality have no clue as to what makes a sim successful. Therefor UFS Command will pick a new Commanding Officer when one is needed.

How does UFS decides when a new ship is needed?

A: We always look at the already excisting ships and stations. If there are still many open positions, its unneeded to just get another ship for the sake of it. When UFS Command does decide we need a new ship we follow a certain protocol.

  • UFS Command decided the Ship Class
  • UFS decides the ship name and NCC number (this is done following the set star trek rules of ship naming)
  • AFTER a ship is build and ONLY then the ship is given to the Commanding Officer
  • The future Commanding Officer has no say in anything regarding design, name, NCC

I want to change fromone ship (station) to another. What do I do?

A: Please fill in the ON LINE form (https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dEFpZHE5QTUwZ1lNNVlQMFhaQ1puTkE6MA) This contains ANY and ALL changes in your membership status

I have a problem regarding my membership status. Who do I contact?

A: Please contact the office of Personnel

I have a problem with harrassement or any other SERIOUS, non childish issue with another member. What do I do?

A: Please contact the Admiral (Mike Calhoun) right away. UFS does not take kindly when membership rights are violated

I have a problem with not being promoted . Who do I contact?

A: When not being promoted...please contact your DIRECT Commanding Officer.

  • If you werent promoted because you had TIG...do NOT contact anyone....its not because you have TIG you should have been promoted

=My Service Jacket is out of date...what do I do? A:The Office of Personnel made a very nice ON LINE form for you to fill in. On that form you just need to put the things you want to have changed on your Service Jacket. Easy as pie

==I have so many questions regarding UFS...What do I do??? A: Try reading the wiki. It has tons of information in it all catagorized in easy sections. Just take your time to learn about UFS. In case you do have some questions....please contact your direct superior

I do not know who my direct superior is.....


  • If you are a cadet.....contact your CADET COMPANY COMMANDER
  • If you are assigned to a ship or station....contact the COMMANDING OFFICER
  • If you are not sure who to contact......contact your BRANCH COMMANDER

I dont know what branch I am in


I do not know my commanding officer is

A: Please look at the wiki pages regarding BRANCH, SHIP or STATION