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Although Time In Grade (TIG) is a requirement to be eligible for a promotion - topic to be covered further in this handbook, having fulfilled your TIG does not mean you will be considered for a promotion..

To be promoted, BESIDES Time In Grade, the following factors are considered :

  • Contribution to the group
  • Group activity attendance
  • Adding a voice to your division and the group
  • Being helpful and offering leadership to subordinates
  • Cheerfully accepting tasks
  • Setting a good example in your actions and appearance
  • Loyalty to the group

All in all...being a starfleet officer

Although promotion guidelines are used in most cases, the Commander-in-Chief is free to hand out promotions as needed, and can bypass these guidelines if he/she feels special treatment is warranted.

A Promotion is A Promotion is NOT
Something you should put effort into gaining Granted solely based on Time in Grade - this is just a minimum
Given to those who show readiness for an increased rank Granted looking at accomplishments of previous promotions
Something we consider thoughtfully Something to be taken lightly
Given to those who are positively involved within UFS Something that should cause you to leave UFS
Recommended by your direct superior Only given to the favorites of command
Attainable by all UFS Members A game, or a prize
Increased Responsibility and Trust The only basis we say thank you, there are also Awards
to recognize your accountability and commitment to UFS The only thing of importance within UFS
Considered by the Joint Chiefs as to Yes or No Something to brag or belittle others about
Something that becomes more difficult to attain as your rank increases The same for every rank - we expect greater responsibility for more senior ranks

What this table is intended to accomplish is to explain several of the myths/questions/concerns that may cross your mind when you know your Time in Grade (TIG) is up. As of late, it's been a topic of concern for several members.

What I do want to emphasize first is, that just because you do not get a promotion, does not mean you are not appreciated. Every UFS Member in some way or form attempts to contribute to UFS, however, as you progress in rank it's hoped that your involvement will start to take a more leadership/active role within UFS. What I mean to say is, as you increase in rank, greater responsibility and accountability is expected.

How can/should I do this you may ask. Well this can occur in several ways, from submitting required reports, to keeping a forum log, to simply doing the assigned job you currently have. Aiding with events and assisting with other endeavors as organized by UFS are also included.

I did this but still nothing? Why? If this occurs and you genuinely have a question, the first step is to talk to your superior officer/the individual making your recommendation. This varies depending where you are stationed. If your question is still not resolved contact me and I will attempt to answer the question.

Fleet - aboard a Starship, Space Station, or Facility: The Commanding Officer you are stationed under, also known as your Captain.

Headquarters - Stationed at Headquarters: Your Branch Commander. This means that Division Heads and their staff who are not deployed to the fleet should also submit their requests to their Branch Commander. ((IF you are a Ship/Station/Facility CO, the Branch Commander of the Command Branch has the final say in whether or not you are promoted, that being Admiral Mike Calhoun))

Time in Grade, I have it, I want my promotion, why did I not get it? This is a question that many have. Again the answer is, Time in Grade (TIG) is the MINIMUM indicator we use. This is just so those who do a great amount of work over a short period do not make admiral in 12 months or such. Would this not cheapen the rank? We're an organization that plans to be here for the long haul, that means that to achieve ranks and positions of authority will take time, as well as be an indication of your readiness for the greater responsibility. We have the luxury of knowing we will be around for awhile and thus we will set goals for individuals to achieve in the long term, rather than the short term.