UFS Defense Conditions

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UFS Defense Status

An upgrade in the military preparedness of UFS is typically made by the Chief of UF Starfleet Operations recommending a change to the UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff.

This military preparedness level is referred to as Defense Status, or DEFSTAT. DEFSTAT will be tied in with UFS Security Classification Access Levels and is displayed on the UFS homepage at all times.

These classifications can be found here: UFS Security Classifications

DEFSTAT 5 This is the condition used to designate normal peacetime operations within UF Starfleet. No abnormal activities are taking place at any time and all access is cleared from LEVEL 5. Alertcon 5.gif
DEFSTAT 4 This condition is called upon by Command when increased intelligence and security measures are taken, these should not be notable to outsiders and only minimally invasive. Clearance LEVEL 4. Alertcon 4.gif
DEFSTAT 3 This refers to an increase to fleet readiness above normal. No shoreleaves are cancelled, but Intel, Security, UFSMC personnel are to be armed and on heightened alert. Clearance LEVEL 3. Alertcon 3.gif
DEFSTAT 2 At this condition all shoreleave is withdrawn and the fleet is gathering at pre-defined (classified) coordinates. All transmissions are now secured and no unauthorised ship movement is allowed. Clearance LEVEL 2. Alertcon 2.gif
DEFSTAT 1 This refers to maximum fleet readiness, all shoreleave is cancelled, and all personnel are requested and required to report to their designated battlestations on all ships and stations. It is reserved for imminent or ongoing attack on UFS sectors or outposts by a hostile power. Clearance LEVEL 1. Alertcon 1.gif