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Who are considered UFS Civilians?

The Civilian contingent of UFS are considered the members who for some reason are not able to commit to a officer/enlisted member career due to:

  • Personal choice
  • Not wishing to be a officer/enlisted member
  • Lack of time to commit to officer/enlisted member duties
  • Lack of disposition to commit to officer/enlisted member duties
  • Temporary denied access to UFS Academy resulting from requirements not fulfilled

Due to the nature and the paramilitary direction of our group, the civilian role is considered an option beside being an officer or enlisted.

It is important that civilians are aware what positions they can and cannot hold during this option of their membership.

As Civilians, you may be stationed on one of the Ships of the Line, when this is the case you will report directly to the Command Crew of that area. If unassigned you will be placed at Pinastri Headquarters. When there are no Commanding Officer to report to, you can in case of questions or concerns, contact the following members as the primary point of contact:

Also as a Civilian, your privileges are proportional to the commitment you made towards our group. As a group which portrays a paramilitary organization, in order to enjoy full privileges you will need to immerse yourself in officer life.

UFS Property Access

Access to areas in the metaverse are a privilege not a right of membership, the following areas are granted as long as rules are adhered to:

  • UFS Headquarters - Depends on the Land Admins
  • UFS Ships of the Line locations - Depending on the Land Admins

Optional Civilian Participation at UFS

At your wish and/or convenience, provide a service to the UFS in a role of event-only or contractual basis such as:

  • UFS Civilian Affairs Director: person in charge of the Office of Civilian Affairs and has been an active Civilian in UFS for the last 3 months. Working with the UFS Chief of Staff directly.
  • Alien Visitor: official and yet to be registered races in the galaxy who visit for a variety of reasons.
  • Barber/Stylist: specialists in appearance, eyes, hair, clothing, helping UFS officers and civilians look their best.
  • Bartender/Barista: tend at our recreational locations, greet visitors to UFS.
  • DJ: Hosting parties and providing music.
  • Games Host: arrange games and other events for UFS officers, enlisted, and civilians.
  • Guest Lecturers: individuals who bring their expertise to the Academy in short term or even long term lecture series, by invitation from Academy Command.
  • Merchants: individuals who will bring their goods from various sources and practice commerce through the UFS vendor's locations : see Lady Tornado or Cyril Barthelmess if interested.
  • Reporters: working with UFS Communications , with their own Federation News Service.
  • Spouses/Children: spouses and children of people with jobs at UFS. They may also have jobs of their own external to the home. Be aware of the policies regarding Child Avatars.
  • Tour Guides/Greeters: greet visitors, show them on guided tours, help them join or find fun things to do without joining.
  • Ambassadors/Diplomats from other groups, or those UFS have an alliance with.

Ships of the Line and UFS locations

  • Areas at Starships, Starbases, Outposts and Facilities may be restricted to UFS members only. Please consult the Commanding staff on the ship you are visiting.
  • Civilians are requested to refrain from loitering at active roleplay areas noted at the risk of being requested to vacate the premises.
  • Must adhere to the sims rating and rules at all times

Online Resources

Civilians are allowed to:

  • Join the UFS Forums: discussion is encouraged but keeping in mind the level of involvement expected from you as a civilian. (https://forums.ufstarfleet.org/)
  • Join the UFS Discord chat: used for informal chatting (link can be found on the Forum after application to join UFS is approved)

Civilian Behaviour

Civilians are expected to conduct a common life among officers, including:

  • Wearing appropriate civilian attire, while adhering to sim rules and rating : NO Officer uniforms, UFS or non-UFS related are allowed.
  • Renting housing on UFS sims.
  • Participating in life events such as weddings, childbirth, parties, etc.
  • Taking part on mission/region RP WHEN the mission invites Civilian involvement or requires so.
  • Wearing a UFS Comms Badge when approved, and the need for use in order to perform tasks as they arise.

Child Avatars And Age-Playing

Child avatars are allowed on Civilian-friendly UFS sims under the following conditions:

  • Be accompanied by an adult avatar at all times.
  • Must adhere to the sims rating and rules
  • Respect the rules and restricted access areas.
  • Act in accordance to Linden Labs (LL) Community Standards
  • UFS will not be held accountable or liable for misuse of minor access to child avatars, and expect all Child avatars be accompanied by an Adult avatar at all times. This is the UFS choice, as a Mature designated group, and expect our choice to be respected.
  • Courtesy and respect for others are very important in the UFS, and is our only demand for its members.