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The following is an agreement between the two alliances, the United Federation Starfleet and Bó'ài Hóng Lián Companion's Guild (Western Geishas) henceforth known as UFS and BHCG.


In the spirit of furthering friendship, cooperation, and protection, UFS and BHCG hereby agree to all articles below. Both parties agree that BHCG becomes a protectorate of UFS until such time as BHCG can stand on its own as an independent planetary power.


Section I: Establishment of Sovereignty

Article 1

UFS and BHCG recognise each other as:

Sovereign, independent groups with a rich cultural and ancestral connection. Members of the intergalactic community. Groups with a responsibility to protect and serve their populations on accordance with their own laws and traditions. Being in a state of non-aggression for the duration of this pact. Being in a state of amity for the duration of this pact.

Section II: Cooperative Interaction

Article 2

UFS and BHCG agree to relate in a non-aggressive manner to one another. Formation of trade agreements is permissible, as well as exchange of scientific and cultural information.

Article 3

Should BHCG require it, UFS agrees to give aid, humanitarian and military to BHCG. UFS agrees to help BHCG in any defensive wars that they get involved in. However, BHCG is not obliged to help UFS in any wars that they get involved in, but are encouraged to uphold mutual protection, whether defensive or offensive.

Article 4

The borders of UFS and BHCG will be controlled, yet passable: Members of either group wishing to visit either group will be permitted reasonable passage on non-military vessels across the borders. Members of either group will be subject to reasonable search for contraband and other illegal substance upon crossing the border. Members of either group will be subject to question as to their business in the other colony and the length of time they plan to be there. All vessels passing into UFS and the BHCG territories are subject to the laws of that government. UFS vessels are granted permission to enter standard orbit and will patrol BHCG territory to ensure that safety and security are maintained.

Article 5

UFS and BHCG agree to have trade of goods and resources. Technology deemed as restricted will not be traded.

Article 6

UFS and BHCG will consult together whenever in the opinion of any of them the territorial integrity, political independence, or security of either party is threatened.

Article 7

UFS will agree to provide reasonable humanitarian or military aid to BHCG however it is agreed that UFS is a society based on exploration and spreading peace and will only ensure the protection of BHCG in the event of war. UFS will provide peacekeeping and humanitarian support to anyone in need as defined under Federation Law.

Article 8

UFS and BHCG agree that they will not utilise infiltration, sabotage, or aggressive intelligence gathering techniques towards the other.

Article 9

UFS and BHCG will relate in a way that is peaceful.If a situation arises where different allies of both groups are on different sides, they will find a way to honor their alliances without attacking one another.

Article 10

UFS and BHCG both agree to warn the other 24 hours before committing to a major foreign policy agreement with a third party. UFS is given veto powers over any BHCG foreign policy action that can be reasonably shown to threaten the safety of this Protectorate Treaty.


The Provisions above represent the article herein that a Protectorate Pact will be established between United Federation Starfleet and Boai Honglian Companion's Guild (Western Geishas) so long as both sides recognize this document as legal and legitimate. Parties agree to pleasant OOC relations and on an in character level to utilize force against enemies of the other if an agreement can be arranged. If the agreement is to be modified, both sides will utilize the diplomatic process to revise, appeal, or terminate the agreement herein.



FAdm Mike Calhoun


United Federation Starfleet

FOR WESTERN GEISHAS: Varahi Lusch, High Priestess