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This file provides historical service records for all Senior billets within the United Federation Starfleet Academy.

UFSA Superintendant

UFSA Commandant

UFSA Vice Commandant

UFSA Chief Administrator

The duties of this position were incorporated into those of the Vice Commandant when Silvio Rosca left the position 070914. However this position was reinstated on 081001.

UFSA Supplementary Positions

These roles are support roles within the Academy chain of command

UFSA Yeoman

  • 2383 - 080319 through 080601 Data Axel
  • 2383 - 080602 through 080625 - Position Vacant
  • 2383 - 080626 through 080813 Peedy Thor
  • 2383 - 080814 through Present - Position Vacant

UFSA Careers Advisor

Chief of Staff

Director of Curriculum Development

Director of Staff Develpoment

Cadet Liason Officer