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Last Revision Stardate: 120801<br\>

Intended Audience: UF Starfleet Academy<br\> Reviewing Authority: UF Starfleet Academy Command


This document is intended to inform new UFS members of the procedure to be granted the status of commissioned officer (Ensign) or enlisted officer (Crewman Recruit) through UF Starfleet Academy.

When you join UFS, we try to give you the full Starfleet experience. However, we do understand that some people have more time to invest than others. Therefore, we tailored the Academy to your needs. Traditionally, a cadet spent 4 weeks in the Academy (representing the 4 years in Starfleet Academy). However, if you are able to do all your requirements in 1 week, you can graduate sooner. Those cadets who need more time can take as many weeks as they need.

Academy Command


When you are looking at this, you most likely have already filed your application with UFS. You were likely sent here by an initial communication which informed you of your next steps. If not, you are more than welcome to keep reading to find out what will be waiting for you once you have filed an application with UFS and once that application has been approved.

Once your application has been approved and processed, you will be considered a cadet with Starfleet Academy. The Academy will be your first home within UFS, at least initially. After graduation, you can transfer to any ship or station of your choice.

Time as a Cadet

During your time as a cadet, it's recommended that you take a couple of our classes and also get a couple activity tasks done. During this time, you may wish to tour different ships and stations, meet different crews, and perhaps observe or even participate with a mission. This can help you decide where you might fit in best. You decide where you are stationed after graduation, and also choose which Branch you'd like to go in to. At a bare minimum, you must complete and pass the introductory course for your chosen branch. For example, if you wish to be a Security officer, you must complete and pass Introduction to UFS Security

If you wish to graduate as an Ensign on the officer track, you must complete and pass the Officer Candidate Training School (OCTS) exam.

If you wish to stay within UFS as an Enlisted member then you do not have to take the OCTS exam. All you have to do is complete your introduction class and you will be graduated and placed onboard your chosen ship or station within the UFS Fleet.

Requirements to Graduate

To graduate as a Commissioned Officer (Ensign) within UFS you need to fulfill the following tasks:

  • Make a post into the First Contact forum under the Academy section.
  • Take the classes "Introduction to United Federation Starfleet", "Protocols and Procedures" and "History of UFS", which can be taken via the Academy section of the UFS Database, or at the Campus where you're stationed with an instructor.
  • Take the Introduction to "Branch" class of your chosen branch, most of which can be taken via the UFS Database. Otherwise, check the schedule for the Campus where you're stationed.
  • If you are stationed in a metaverse, take a minimum of one scheduled SIM class. Speak to the Campus Director to schedule one if none is available.
  • If you are stationed in a metaverse, take the "Phaser Safety" class so you can be issued a weapon.

At some point during your first few weeks with UFS, we highly recommend you visit and tour some ships or stations within the fleet with a crew-member of your chosen station or ship. Be sure to get the Commanding Officer's permission to tour rather than arriving unannounced.

To take the Officer Candidate Training School exam you first have to read the UFS Membership Manual by following this link:


After you have read the Membership Manual, you need to take the OCTS exam at the following link:


The OCTS exam consists of 40 questions regarding the Membership Manual. There is no time limit on the test once you have opened the link, and it is an open-book exam. Follow the instructions given in the exam and fill in the two blanks at the top with your information. Then answer the questions and click the submit button on the bottom when you are finished and have reviewed your final answers.

You will be contacted by our staff via email and be informed of your grade within 48 hours. Once you have passed the exam (passing requires at least 80% correct answers or 32 answers), you will be a commissioned officer within UFS.

There are three levels of passing the OCTS: "PASS", "With Honors" and "With Distinction"

UFS Class Schedules for the UFSA Campuses throughout the metaverses are located on the database (aka Intranet). Log in, and under the Academy tab, click on UFSA Curriculum to find online classes. Click on Academy Schedule to find the in-world course schedule.

For the Enlisted all you have to do is the following:

Changing Career Tracks

At any time of the process of your studies you can switch your point of focus. You are not bound into one Branch once you have been signed up for one. You are free to switch at any time if you feel that your first choice wasn't the right one for you after all. Please be advised that transfers can mean that you have to take more required classes for a certain position and also might mean you have to start at a lower level position in your chapter to get used to the new responsibilities within your new career path. The Academy is always available to help you and to provide you with multiple means of taking the required or privately desired classes.

Means of taking classes

The UFS Academy offers a very wide range of classes covering multiple fields of study. We have degree programs, awards for certain numbers of classes taken, and are always working on expanding the database to enhance every member’s knowledge and “Trek” experience.

There are multiple ways of how to take a class. You can attend a class in a metaverse, such as Second Life, by actually being in a classroom with your avatar; you can attend to the classes at our Online platform, which can be found at this link, <<Soon to come>>; or you can request the materials via email from our staff if you prefer the studies to be done over email.

Cadet Weapons Policy

Cadets are never to be armed if attending any Academy function within a metavers such as SL. There are no exceptions unless the Commander-in-chief has issued a thread warning AND ordered the new members to be armed even before they have taken and passed the OCTS.

Cadet Flying Policy

Cadets are under normal condition to NEVER fly a ship or shuttle of ANY kind at ANY time. The exception to this rule is when the Commander in Chief makes it a direct order in times of extreme threat, and then they MUST have taken and passed the proper pre-flight and basic flight classes. If they have NOT taken the class even THEN they are NOT allowed to be piloting a vessel to avoid confusion during sim-wide rp or other ongoing interactions.

Cadet Uniform Policy

If you are in a metavers such as SL you are required to wear the uniform as provided for UFSA Cadets on the supply deck of your metavers.


Once you have taken and passed the OCTS Exam you will be graduated into the active membership of UFS.

English as a Foreign Language

If English is not your first language, then be sure to inform the Instructor at the beginning of each class. The Instructor will then give you the student materials for the class early so that you have more time to work on them. Our staff is also available to explain sections to you if you do not understand them due to language difficulties. Please do not be shy to ask any question you might have.

"The only dumb question is the question never asked"


UFS Academy is eager to give everyone a fair chance while attending. As UFS' ideology is based on the Vulcan Philosophy of IDIC we believe everyone deserves at least one chance. This system is put in place to protect the membership from unnecessary incidents or "Drama".

The Academy itself will NEVER be handing out reprimands at that is not the Academies area or authority to do so. However, the Academy will report major incidents up the chain of command and to the Commander UFS.

The following is a list of steps that will be taken should Protocols and Procedures as well as companionship for your fellow members cease to happen.

  • 1st Instance

The first instance will always be handled by the Instructor or Vice Commandant. They will offer guidance and assistance should this be a one off case.

  • 2nd Instance

This will be reported to the Vice Commandant and Commandant. A written warning will be given to the offender with a follow up meeting held before graduation if required.

  • 3rd Instance

This will be reported to the Commandant and Superintendent. The offender might be send to report to his chapter CO who has the authority over him.

  • 4th Instance

If a 4th instance occurs then the Commandant and Superintendent will discuss all previous instances with the Commander in Chief, the offended and the chapter CO and appropriate action will be taken.

The Above instance are a guide on how we deal with things in UFS Academy, depending on the severity of cases steps can be missed with action being taken accordingly.