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" No Member Left Behind "
UFSA Cadet Corp
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet
*Founded: 2379
*Status: Active
*Location: Pinastri Sector, Delta Quadrant
*Homebase: Pinastri Colony
Branch Staff
*Branch Commander: Superintendant Poison Toocool
*Vice Commander: Commandant UFSA Rich Lombardia
*Yeoman: GreenLantern Excelsior
Branch Structure
*Office of the Superintendent of UF Starfleet Academy


(updated 181001)

The Corp of Cadets is comprised of all Cadets currently attending UFS Academy. It has the dual function of management and mobilization. This is done by the Squadron Leaders currently making up the Academy: Copernicus, Halley, Hubble, Galilei, Murasaki, and Marines for SL, Kepler for Astraois, and Cassini for RL Chapters. Each Squadron Mentor will monitor/mentor and help the Cadets progress through the Academy as well as keeping the cadets active.

The Superintendent receives weekly reports from the Squadron Mentors. The Academy Yeoman collects administrative data and oversees the recordkeeping for the Cadet Corps.


UFSA Cadet Handbook

Academy Ranks

When you join United Federation Starfleet, you are granted the entry rank of Cadet. This rank is listed in your UF Starfleet Membership Database profile and Service Jacket, including the stardate.

  • Within the metaverses, you will be added to the Academy Group
  • The Cadet uniform is available on the Quartermaster Deck at the colony where you are assigned
  • Contact your Squadron Mentor if they have not contacted you (a list of these Mentors can be seen on the Starfleet Academy page )
  • Feel free to hang out and find out who your classmates are


During your time as a Cadet, you will have your choice as to what branch of study you would like to follow. This will not only lead you to graduation, but will determine your career path after graduation. Take your time making this decision. We recommend taking several classes in each Branch until you are sure which career path you’d like to pursue.

As in the Star Trek series of shows, you have your choice of the following branches:

Or speak to your Squad's Mentor!