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UFSA Administration
General Data
Branch: UFS Academy
Fleet Affiliation: N/A
Founded: 2379
Status: Active
Location: Pinastri Sector, Delta Quadrant
Homebase: Pinastri
Division Staff
Division Head: Chief Administrator Bit0Honey Resident
Vice Division Head: Vice Chief Administrator Vacant
Yeoman: Yeoman Vacant
Division Structure


The Department of Academy Administration is tasked with the timely and accurate reporting of course data. Data is collected through the use of the Instructor Reporting Form, transferred to an internal spreadsheet, then posted to each student's Academy Transcript. The Department of Academy Administration is responsible for completing this process in a timely and accurate manner.


UFSA Administration
Academy Chief Administrator Y-o4.png EvergreenMoss Resident
Academy Vice Chief Administrator R-blank.png Vacant
Academy Administrator T-o2.png Yaria Carmona
Academy Administrator C-blank.png Vacant
Academy Administrator Y-o5.png Jayce Rebel



UFSA Logo.png