Typhon Corridor

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Typhon Corridor
General Data
*Class: Class 2d
*Type: Underspace Corridor
*Location: Sector 001D, Delta Quadrant - Typhon Expanse, Beta Quadrant
The Typhon Corridor is named for it's Beta Quadrant Terminus at the edge of the Typhon Expanse


The Typhon Corridor was discovered on 121125 by the USS Cochrane, NCC 59318-A by accident during Slipstream transit to Sector 001D of the Delta Quadrant. It was not named until later transit by the USS Hyperion in early 2388, and the discovery that the corridor was stable and a viable passage, 40 Lightyears from Pinastri in the Delta Quadrant to the Beta Quadrant some 71 Lightyears from Earth. It was discovered the Gorn were using it to transit the thousands of Lightyears in a short amount of time in pursuit of the Avianis. The Cochrane entered the Corridor while still inside it's Slipstream, managing to saturate the corridor with exotic particles from the Slipstream Drive, and making the transit of the corridor exponentially faster, taking only 20 minutes to cross the span of 60,000 Lightyears.

Discovery Log Entry

Stardate: 121125 Location: Ivor System, Orbiting Ivor Prime, 71 LY Coreward of Sol.

Mission Report L.Nakajima Reporting

The Cochrane left dock to pursue the Gorn Captain whom we captured, and escaped during our systems failures two weeks ago. The shuttlecraft that the Captain stole from us had a locator beacon hidden inside the spaceframe, and was still actively broadcasting, giving it's location as Sector 001D 40 Lightyears away, which would take much more time for a Starfleet Type 6 Shuttlecraft to travel than had passed. This lead me to hypothesize that something was amiss. After several system calibrations, I ordered the Slipstream Drive brought online, and a course to be plotted some 8 Lightyears from the shuttle's location. Helm activated the drive and we formed a stable slipstream, traveling at average slipstream velocities toward Sector 001D.

After about 15 minutes things began getting turbulent, which I was informed was a slight phase variance, and was quickly sorted out. However, several minutes later the ship began shaking violently and the Helm Officer reported that Navigational sensors had detected some sort of Subspace Corridor approaching the path of our Slipstream. I ordered the Slipstream drive be shut down, and us brought back into normal space, only to the reply of no response. All available power was diverted to Structural Integrity, and everyone braced themselves. As we entered the Subspace Corridor, the ship gained another exponential speed increase, and we were thrown faster ahead.

As we were tossed about like a ship on a stormy sea, several ideas on how to slow the ship were offered, including detonating an Antimatter Explosion ahead of the ship, and using the deflector to saturate the slipstream with enough particles to destabilize it slowly. Rather than risk the ship being thrown out uncontrollably, I approved of Engineering's idea, and we began destabilizing the slipstream, and slowly came to sublight speeds. After checking for damage, which we received a surprisingly small amount of, I asked for a course bearing from the Helm. After a few moments, the Helmsman seemed rather shocked in telling me we were within the outer edge of the Typhon Expanse in the Beta Quadrant.