Ture'nora System

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The Ture’nora system sits 5 LY Rimward of the planet Arakis (approximately 8.5LY Spinward of Pinastri Prime), and was first charted by the USS Talisman-A on stardate 100125.

The system is designated Ture'nora, after the name of the moon of its first planet. The system is a fairly standard configuration consisting of three planets orbiting a G type star.


First Planet - Class Y, Surface temperature in excess of 500 Kelvin, radiation bursts, Argon atmosphere.

The planet is orbited by the moon Ture'Nora. Formerly borderline class M/L. It is habitable, but not very hospitable. Habitable due to the presence of an abandoned Rokoramai terraforming/shield generation facility.

Second Planet - Class K, Neon, Nitrogen atmosphere.

Third Planet - Class J gas Giant Methane and Fluorine upper atmosphere, heavier gasses futher in with evidence of pressure crystalline formations.