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General Data
*Home System: [Treman Star System
*Home Planet: Treman Prime
*First Contact: Stardate 100520
*Faction: various
*Government: Military
*Primary Language: Verbal communication
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Tremanites
*Scientific Family: Humanoid
*Skin: Humanoid tissue
*Hair: white
*Eyes: green
*Auditive: Standard auditory
*Emphatic: Unknown, no evidence to date
*Telepatic: Unknown, no evidence to date
*Intelligence: Not usually reliable
*Genders: 2, Male/Female
Other Information


The inhabitants of Treman are profiteers, slavers, and space pirates. Their governance is military and is in constant flux. Although the populations of Treman and Astraios share a common ancestor, the two have evolved on divergent paths, with radically different goals.

The planet is a melting pot of various races and there are several factions that have influence in the population. The indigenous Tremanites hold little power these days, there is often civil unrest because of this.


Hostilities between Treman and Astraios disrupted the first attempt to establish a Starfleet base on Astraios. A fragile peace treaty was signed four years ago, permitting UFS to return and begin to build the Colony. Despite the treaty, the volatile inhabitants of Treman are relatively lawless, always pushing the edge of the envelope. We suspect the only thing that holds them back from open war is loss of profit. And the prospect of dealing with Starfleet.


Because of the diversity of humanoid species on Treman, no one single culture is paramount. However, it is known that the ancient Tremanites were peaceful gardeners, then conquered by one warring race after another. Most inhabitants speak several languages. A few practice the Astraionian worship of rocks, a highly secretive sect has hidden temples in the western mountains of the southern continent.


Warp capable, several dozen ship yards on the planet and two orbiting space stations. Different factions have stolen or purchased technology from a variety of sources. No one technology is paramount. A number of Klingon battleships and stations, albeit older models, are known to exist and be used by some Tremanites.


UFS patrols the Treman system constantly, and the Treman government of the day holds a seat on the Astraionian Council. Intelligence from within the planet's factions and cities is vital to Starfleet's goal of maintaining the peace between the two neighbours.


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