Treman Prime

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Treman Prime
General Data
*Class: Class M (Minshara)
*Type: Planet
*Location: Astraios Sector, Gamma Quadrant
*Star System: Treman Star System
*Species of Note:Indigenous Tremanites (Humanoids),
*Faction Affiliation: United Federation of Planets Protectorate
Treman Prime is the fifth planet in the Treman Star System in the Gamma Quadrant. It has become a local 'melting pot' and the indigenous species is suppressed by the relative newcomers.

Planetary Statistics


  • Classification: Class M
  • Distance from sun: 1.79 AU
  • Diameter: 32069 km
  • Gravity: 0.92
  • Mean Circumference 108764.84 Km
  • Volume 23.63 X09^13 KM^4
  • Surface Area 4.98 X10^8 KM^3
  • Land surface area 2.95 x 10^8 Km ^3 (52.2%)
  • Water Surface Area 2.12 x 10^9 KM ^3 (47.8%)
  • Escape Velocity : 14.08 Km/sec
  • Mass 3.9878X10^24 Kg
  • Mean Density : .187 g/cm
  • Atmosphere: medium, oxygen/nitrogen and a few trace gases
  • Weather system: normal meteorlogy system. cloud system, rains, snow near the polar caps, lightning and storms.
  • Temperature: -20C to 56C
  • Surface: 40% water, 60% landmass. flora and fauna system, mountain ranges, rivers and lakes, prairies and grass fields. Considerable desert regions
  • Lifeforms: abundant and various lifeforms and species.
  • Tech. level: Warp capable
  • Specials:


Archeological and anthropological science shows a common ancestor for both Tremanite and Astraionian species, however the path of both since then has been divergent.

The inhabitants of Treman are profiteers, slavers, and space pirates. Their governance is military and is in constant flux. Although the populations of Treman and Astraios share a common ancestor, the two have evolved on divergent paths, with radically different goals. Hostilities between Treman and Astraios disrupted the first attempt to establish a Starfleet base on Astraios. A fragile peace treaty was signed four years ago, permitting UFS to return and begin to build the Colony. Despite the treaty, the volatile inhabitants of Treman are relatively lawless, always pushing the edge of the envelope.


Considerable number of flat, desert regions.




SS Astraios Mission Logs

Astraios Colony Command Logs

Historian: Poison Toocool