Training 101

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Training 101
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Aviator-A Missions
*Production number: AVI-RP006
*Initiated: 101020
*Ended: 101030
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: Training 101
*Previous Mission: Make It Shine
*Next Mission: The Long Way
*SIM Concept: Markus Tyrellium

One of the key points and most important things on a ship is team work. This real live training exercise will test how the crew works with each other to complete a common goal.


Captain’s Mission Log

Stardate: 101020

Location: Cascadia Shipyards

"With the success of the command inspection, the Aviator-A is finally ready to depart, Once the official commission comes down from command. While waiting the crew will be inspected for what they may come against while exploring the unknown. The Crew will get a bit of training as to uniforms, report and mission logs standards followed by a tactical away team simulation in which the crew will be tested on how well they can use judgment against live and hologram generated targets as well as working together to achieve a common goal.

They will have to watch their fire, and check targets. They will have to move and work as a unit in order to succeed in this training mission. It will be one of the hardest ones they will have to face.”