The Duco

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Duco Male

Submitted by: LT Ulrich Bechir, CO, USS Shogun

Name: The Duco

Home Position: Planet Unknown, station 25.5 LY from Pinastri Prime

Class: Oxygen Breathing Species

Conditional Notes: Heavily genetically augmented.

Society Classification: Unknown

Government System: Unknown

Date of First Contact: 090418

Other Notes: Only deceased individuals have been found thus far

History and Other Information:

The USS Shogun diverted from course to investigate a strange signal on 090413. Upon arrival a strange space station was found with various amounts of genetic equipment and data. Orange hued humanoid creatures were found dead in the upper area. Their flesh did not seem to decay normally, however blood was definitely present.

At this point, where this race comes from and what their agenda is, is unknown. More information will be updated when and if it ever comes available.

Recommendations: More medical, scientific and engineering data should be compiled and this file should be augmented in the future.