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UFS Uniform Specifications "Standard Uniform"
General Information Allowed Use Disallowed Use
This is the Standard UFS uniform, worn by any and all personnel when on duty. We can put some design info here, original author, or anything that is important to know about this uniform in general terms.
  • This uniform is to be worn when on duty, and when no other uniform is ordered.
  • This uniform is only to be worn when on-duty, if you are off-duty, please change to the off-duty uniform or civilian attire.
Top Bottom Belt
  • The top part of the uniform is the standard issued Uniform Jacket with the color of your Branch embroided on the lower sleeves and a patch on the right shoulder.
  • For males: Pants are required, For Females: Pants, or optional skirt issued with the uniform till just above the knees.
  • Standard issued Branch-belt, or any other by the Branch-head approved belt within UFS regulations.
Headgear Footgear Accessoiries
  • This uniform allows no caps, barets or other headgear to go with it.
  • The only allowed footwear with this uniform is standard black shoes or boots.
  • Standard issued Collar may be worn with this uniform
All UFS uniforms must be worn as to within these specifications, and may not be altered, mixed up or used improperly. Improper use of the UFS uniform, may result in a reprimand on your Service Jacket. The UFS Uniform is ©2008-2010 UF Starfleet Inc.