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This template is intended to simplify the wikicode needed for properly italicizing a starship's name, such as:

[[USS Yamato|USS ''Yamato'']]


The use of this template is with the ship's name, such as:


USS Yamato

The second parameter can be used to give the ship a letter suffix, such as:


USS Tokyo-A

The third parameter can be used to include additional information after the link, that does not show as the visible URL, such as adding the registry number to the link of a starship where two of that name exist, such as:


USS Washington


USS Washington

Note: if there is no letter suffix to the ship, you must include the extra "|" in order to mark this field as blank, otherwise the link will not show correctly.

You can combine the second and third parameters for ships where you want to specify the registry in the page link, but where it has a letter suffix that needs to be visible on the page, such as:


USS Enterprise-D