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 |color  = r (r=Red(Command/Academy), y=Yellow(ops/eng/comm), t=Teal(Medical), g=Green(Marines), c=DarkCyan(Science) & w=White(blank))
 |type   = o (c=Cadet, e=Enlisted, w=Warrant Officer, o=Officer, a=Admiral)
 |adv    = 1 (i.e.: o1 = Ensign, o2 = LtJG, etc.)

If type or adv are missing, the blank colored collar will be displayed



Result: R-o1.png



Result: R-blank.png

Overview of ranks:

Name Type Adv Red (r) Yellow (y) Teal (t) Green (g) DarkCyan (c) White (w)
Blank (no rank) R-blank.png Y-blank.png T-blank.png G-blank.png C-blank.png W-blank.png
Acting Cadet c 0 R-c0.png Y-c0.png T-c0.png G-c0.png C-c0.png W-c0.png
Cadet 4th Class (Freshman) c 1 R-c1.png Y-c1.png T-c1.png G-c1.png C-c1.png W-c1.png
Cadet 3rd Class (Sophomore) c 2 R-c2.png Y-c2.png T-c2.png G-c2.png C-c2.png W-c2.png
Cadet 2nd Class (Junior) c 3 R-c3.png Y-c3.png T-c3.png G-c3.png C-c3.png W-c3.png
Cadet 1st Class (Senior) c 4 R-c4.png Y-c4.png T-c4.png G-c4.png C-c4.png W-c4.png
Crewman 4th Class e 1 R-e1.png Y-e1.png T-e1.png G-e1.png C-e1.png W-e1.png
Crewman 3rd Class e 2 R-e2.png Y-e2.png T-e2.png G-e2.png C-e2.png W-e2.png
Crewman 2nd Class e 3 R-e3.png Y-e3.png T-e3.png G-e3.png C-e3.png W-e3.png
Crewman 1st Class e 4 R-e4.png Y-e4.png T-e4.png G-e4.png C-e4.png W-e4.png
Petty Officer 4th Class e 5 R-e5.png Y-e5.png T-e5.png G-e5.png C-e5.png W-e5.png
Petty Officer 3rd Class e 6 R-e6.png Y-e6.png T-e6.png G-e6.png C-e6.png W-e6.png
Petty Officer 2nd Class e 7 R-e7.png Y-e7.png T-e7.png G-e7.png C-e7.png W-e7.png
Petty Officer 1st Class e 8 R-e8.png Y-e8.png T-e8.png G-e8.png C-e8.png W-e8.png
Chief Petty Officer e 9 R-e9.png Y-e9.png T-e9.png G-e9.png C-e9.png W-e9.png
Senior Chief Petty Officer e 10 R-e10.png Y-e10.png T-e10.png G-e10.png C-e10.png W-e10.png
Master Chief Petty Office e 11 R-e11.png Y-e11.png T-e11.png G-e11.png C-e11.png W-e11.png
Master Chief Petty Officer of "X" Fleet e 11a R-e11a.png Y-e11a.png T-e11a.png G-e11a.png C-e11a.png W-e11a.png
Master Chief Petty Officer of UF Starfleet e 11b R-e11b.png Y-e11b.png T-e11b.png G-e11b.png C-e11b.png W-e11b.png
Warrant Officer 3rd Class w 1 R-w1.png Y-w1.png T-w1.png G-w1.png C-w1.png W-w1.png
Warrant Officer 2nd Class w 2 R-w2.png Y-w2.png T-w2.png G-w2.png C-w2.png W-w2.png
Warrant Officer 1st Class w 3 R-w3.png Y-w3.png T-w3.png G-w3.png C-w3.png W-w3.png
Chief Warrant Officer w 4 R-w4.png Y-w4.png T-w4.png G-w4.png C-w4.png W-w4.png
Ensign o 1 R-o1.png Y-o1.png T-o1.png G-o1.png C-o1.png W-o1.png
Lieutenant Junior Grade o 2 R-o2.png Y-o2.png T-o2.png G-o2.png C-o2.png W-o2.png
Lieutenant o 3 R-o3.png Y-o3.png T-o3.png G-o3.png C-o3.png W-o3.png
Lieutenant Commander o 4 R-o4.png Y-o4.png T-o4.png G-o4.png C-o4.png W-o4.png
Commander o 5 R-o5.png Y-o5.png T-o5.png G-o5.png C-o5.png W-o5.png
Captain o 6 R-o6.png Y-o6.png T-o6.png G-o6.png C-o6.png W-o6.png
Fleet Captain o 7 R-o7.png Y-o7.png T-o7.png G-o7.png C-o7.png W-o7.png
Commodore a 1 R-a1.png Y-a1.png T-a1.png G-a1.png C-a1.png W-a1.png
Rear Admiral a 2 R-a2.png Y-a2.png T-a2.png G-a2.png C-a2.png W-a2.png
Vice Admiral a 3 R-a3.png Y-a3.png T-a3.png G-a3.png C-a3.png W-a3.png
Admiral a 4 R-a4.png Y-a4.png T-a4.png G-a4.png C-a4.png W-a4.png
Fleet Admiral a 5 R-a5.png Y-a5.png T-a5.png G-a5.png C-a5.png W-a5.png