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Basic Information

The Planetary Government Infobox


{{Planetary Government Infobox
 |logo           = Crest/shield/logo/patch for government: [[image:image.png|350px]]
 |credo          = Do they have a Credo/Motto attached to their Crest?
 |color          = Government Color (#FF0000 == Red).
 |name           = Name of this Government
 |homeworld = Home Planet.
 |starsystem = System of the Home Planet.
 |capitalcity = Capital of the Home World.
 |govtype = Type of Government
 |executive = Executive Government Authority
 |legislative = Legislative Government Authority
 |domesticspaceforce = Space Force Authority
 |domesticservice =Domestic Security Authority
 |warp = Warp Capable, Yes or No
 |population = Total Government Population
 |languages = Type of Spoken Languages
 |currency = Type of planetary currency
 |religion = Type of Religion
 |founded = Date of Faction Membership
 |affiliation = Affiliated Faction

Example Use:

United Earth
Basic Information
*Homeworld: Earth
*System: Sol
*Capital City: Paris
*Type of Government: Democratic Federal Republic
*Executive Government: Federation Council
*Legislative Government: Federation General Assembly
*Domestic Space Force: Starfleet Command
*Domestic Service: Starfleet
*Warp Capable: Yes
*Total Population: 9 Billion
*Currency: Federation Credit
*Religion: Various
*Date of Federation Membership: 2161
*Faction Affiliation: United Federation of Planets

{{Planetary Government Infobox
 |logo           = [[Image:320px-UnitedFederationofPlanets.jpg|350px]]
 |credo          = 
 |color          = #FF0000
 |name           = United Earth
 |homeworld = Earth
 |starsystem = [[Sol]]
 |capitalcity = [[Paris]]
 |govtype = Democratic Federal Republic
 |executive = [[Federation Council]]
 |legislative = [[Federation General Assembly]]
 |domesticspaceforce = [[Starfleet Command]]
 |domesticservice = [[Starfleet]]
 |warp = Yes
 |population = 9 Billion
 |languages = Federation Standard
 |currency = Federation Credit
 |religion = Various
 |founded = 2161
 |affiliation = [[United Federation of Planets]]