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USS Banana Republic (NPC)
Nova Class.jpg
Design Specifications
Designed Capacities
Tactical Systems
Engineering Specifications
Senior Staff

Ship Infobox. To be used ONLY commissioned Ships of the Fleet, NPC Ships have a slightly alterd template to show the difference.

NOTE: This is NOT the Ship Class Infobox, that can be found HERE.


 {{NPC Ship Infobox
 |name       = Name of the Ship
 |photo      = [[Image:image_of_the_ship.png|350px]]
 |registry   = Registration Number
 |class      = Class of the ship
 |fraction   = Faction (i.e.: UFS, Klingon, Romulan, etc.)
 |fleet      = Fleet (i.e.: 1st fleet, etc.)
 |base       = Base of Operations (Homebase)
 |comm       = Date of Commission
 |yard       = Constructing Shipyard.
 |design     = Ship Designer.
 |status     = Status of the Vessel (i.e: Active, Decommissioned, Destroyed)
 |type       = Type of Vessal (i.e.: Medium Range Tactical Vessal)
 |hull       = Hull composition.
 |length     = Lengths of the ship (in Meters)
 |beam       = Beam of the ship (in Meters)
 |draft      = Height of the ship (in Meters)
 |mass       = Mass of the ship (in displacement Tonnage)
 |decks      = Number of decks in total.
 |crew       = Crew supplement.
 |evac       = Evacuation Capacity.
 |lifesup    = Life support Capacity (max. no of individuals on the ship at any given time)
 |auxcraft   = Auxillary Craft/Shuttle supplement
 |armament   = Armaments of the Ship.
 |defense    = Defensive Systems.
 |warpeng    = Warp-Engines Specs.
 |subeng     = Sub-light Engines Specs.
 |spdcrs     = Cruising Speed (in Warp).
 |spdmax     = Maximum Speed (in Warp).
 |computer   = Computer Specs
 |power      = Power system specs.
 |co         = Name of CO
 |xo         = Name of the XO


{{NPC Ship Infobox
 |name       = 
 |photo      =
 |registry   =
 |class      =
 |fraction   =
 |fleet      = 
 |base       =
 |comm       = 
 |yard       = 
 |design     = 
 |status     = 
 |type       = 
 |hull       = 
 |length     = 
 |beam       = 
 |draft      = 
 |mass       = 
 |decks      = 
 |crew       = 
 |evac       = 
 |lifesup    = 
 |auxcraft   = 
 |armament   = 
 |defense    = 
 |warpeng    =  
 |subeng     = 
 |spdcrs     = 
 |spdmax     = 
 |computer   = 
 |power      = 
 |co         = 
 |xo         =