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General Data

The Division Infobox.


 |logo           = Logo/shield/patch for the devision or the branchlogo [[image:image.png|350px]].
 |slogan         = Branch/Division motto/slogan.
 |color          = Branch/Division color in Hex (#FF0000 == Red).
 |original       = Original Manual By
 |sd             = Stardate of original
 |reviewed       = who reviewed it
 |ld             = on what stardate
 |effective      = when does it become effective
 |published      = what oiffice published it
 |edit           = who where the editors
 |intend         = who is it for
 |last           = when was it last reviewed
UFS Membership Manual
General Data
Original by: Original Manual By
Stardate: Stardate of original
Reviewed By: wh reviewed it
Last Review Date: on what stardate
Becomes Effective: when does it become effective
Published By: what oiffice published it
Editors: who where the editors
Intended Audience: who is it for
Last revision Date: when was it last reviewed