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General Data
Division Staff
*Division Head: Vacant
*Vice Division Head: Vacant
Division Structure

The Division Infobox.


 {{Division Infobox
 |logo           = Logo/shield/patch for the devision or the branchlogo [[image:image.png|350px]].
 |slogan         = Branch/Division motto/slogan.
 |color          = Branch/Division color in Hex (#FF0000 == Red).
 |branch         = Under what Branch does this devision operates.
 |name           = Division Name.
 |fleet          = Fleet Affiliation.
 |founded        = Founded.
 |status         = Status.
 |location       = Location.
 |base           = Homebase.
 |commander      = Division Commander
 |vice           = Vice Commander
 |vice2          = 2nd Vice Commander
 |yeotitle       = ONLY use this varable if no Yeoman is used but Chief of Staff
 |yeoman         = Division Yeoman
 |departments    = Departments under this Division

Example Usage:

Branch/Division motto/slogan
Personnel Division
General Data
Branch: UF starfleet Command
Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet
Founded: 2383
Status: Active
Location: Pinastri sector, Delta Quadrant
Homebase: UF Starfleet Command Headquarters
Division Staff
Division Head: Winter Rexen
Vice Division Head: Angena Ryba
Yeoman: none
Division Structure
Officer Orientation Department
{{Division Infobox
|logo           = [[image:UFS-Personnel.png|350px]]
|slogan         = Branch/Division motto/slogan
|color          = #CCCC00
|branch         = [[Command|UF starfleet Command]]
|name           = Personnel Division
|fleet          = UF Starfleet
|founded        = 2383
|status         = Active
|location       = Pinastri sector, Delta Quadrant
|base           = UF Starfleet Command Headquarters
|commander      = [[Winter Rexen]]
|vice           = [[Angena Ryba]]
|vice2          = 
|yeoman         = none
|departments    = [[Officer Orientation Department]]
*[[Transfers & Assignments Department]]
*[[Records & Data Department]]