Task Force Nukara

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Task Force Nukara
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: United Federation Starfleet
*Status: Active
Fleet Command
*Fleet Commander: Vacant
*Fleet Executive Officer: Vacant


This task force is established to combat the Tholian threat whether this is but not limited to, data gathering, combat or scouting.


  • In April 2409 (stardate 86309.10), the Federation science vessel S.S. Mauss monitors the Nukarans from orbit, where a satellite is positioned.
  • Following the detection of unusual phenomena on Nukara Prime, the Mauss proceeds to the planet to investigate. Interphasic rifts have opened on the planet's surface. Shortly after, the vessel is destroyed by a Tholian Recluse Carrier and six escorts.
  • In early May (stardate 86345.37), Starfleet dispatches U.S.S. Alliance to investigate fate of the Mauss. The Tholians are gone and only wreckage remains of the science vessel and its crew.
  • Soon after, the Tholian Assembly establishes a presence on Nukara Prime.

Missions of Task Force Nukara

Task Force Composition