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General Data
*Home System: [Uncharted System in Sector 008F
*Home Planet: Dadvar Prime
*First Contact: 120522
*First Contact By: USS Banshee
*Faction: Unaffiliated
*Government: Representitive
*Violence: Calm unless provoked
*Primary Language: Dadvarish
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Scientific Name
*Scientific Family: Aquatic
*Scientific Order: Bi-Pedal
*Skin: Shark like skin Green and blue in color
*Auditive: Standard Auditory communication
*Emphatic: No
*Telepatic: No
*Intelligence: High
*Genders: 2 Male and Female
Other Information
The T'Aquarians are a Xenophobic Sociology that have been Ravaged by the Borg for Centuries. Living only a few short light years from one of the Borgs central trans warp hubs they were often attacked. They distrust most races and hate all things borg.


The T'aquariums are an Aquatic species that live in in underwater colonies about 20m beneath the surface of Dadvar Prime a Class O planet in sector 008f. They prefer their solitude and are not welcoming to outsideers. They are Generally a peacefull people, but are distrustful of air brealthers.


On stardate 120522 While Repairing damage from a Borg attack the USS Banshee stopped in the home system of Dadvar Prime, several crew were Infected with Borg nanites, during the procedure to remove them the T'Aquariums Approached Banshee in 3 small Shuttle craft. They T'Aquariums hailed the Banshee demanding the destruction of the Borg dones threatening to attack the ship if the crew did not comply. Captain Czavicevic was able to come to an agreement that the T'Aquariums would be allowed aboard to monitor the medical procedure to remove the Borg implants and as well as the destruction of said implants.

Captain Czavicevic maintained Diplmatic talks with the T'Aquarium Deligation and the crew was allowed to study the planet provided they did not disturb the ecosystem.


The T'Aquarium's are a Xenophobic culture, disposed their technological advisement they still live in a tribal society with a Representative government each tribal leader is elected by their tribe and the counsel of tribes meet to decide planetary law


Warp Technology similar to that earth in the late 23rd century, Most of the T'Aquarium Technologies center around underwater survival.


I would not at this time recommend admittance to the federation but, I would recommend maintaining Diplomatic relations with them as their world is strategically located near what is left of the Borg space.