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Svarga is a planet that resides in the Windsor Galaxy. It is in an area known as Tesra's Space which has a mysterious legend surrounding its existence, according to the native galactic folklore.

The Svarga system's star.

The USS Redeemer explored the nebular area. It seemingly was witnessing a birth of a new star, but infact, the nebula was opening up to a strange star-system. The star was of a class which no-one had ever even theorized about, let alone classify.

It was then that sensors detected a distant ring-shaped object. It was roughly 152 million kilometers from the star, about the same distance Earth is from Sol. A closer look revealed what appeared to be some sort of Ringworld.

A ringworld

The ringworld appeared to be partially artificial in origin and had a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere on the inner-circumference. The Redeemer's crew beamed down and explored an amazing world which in some cases defied the physics that have guided and controlled humanoid existence.

Picture of Svarga's surface