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General Data
*Production number: 37
*Initiated: 080806
*Ended: 080807
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Illusions
*Next Mission: Invasion from Beyond
*SIM Concept: Power in Time
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


The USS Redeemer is en route for a survey of an archeological dig site headed up by scientists from the Nelvara colony. While en route to its destination, the ship receives an urgent call from the USS Luranza, a Redeemer class vessel.

The USS Luranza was attacked by an unknown species. The ship had been a cadet training vessel and was manned almost entirely of cadets, save for the captain, XO, and tactical officer.

The ship is heavily damaged, and a clean hole was cut into the stardrive section and the warp core was removed. Another clean cut was made to remove the computer core in amazing surgical precision.== Events ==

Captain’s Log



Ship CO: Lt. Chase Quinnell
Ship XO: Lt. Vinnie Lei
Ops Officer: Ensign Kayden Joles
Engineering Officer: Ensign Elim Exonar
Tactical Officer: Cadet Ti Dezno
Science Officer: Lt. Jg Orion Pastorelli
Helm Officer: Lt. Jg Diemme Morane

Captains log, stardate 080809: We are taking additional scientists to an archaeological dig of some ruins at the Nelvara colony.

While on course for the Nelvara colony, the Redeemer receives an urgent distress call from the USS Luranza which was attacked by a vessel of unknown origin. The Luranza was a Redeemer class vessel with a crew entirely of cadets, save for the CO, XO, and chief security officer.

Upon arriving at the location of the Luranza, scans reveal 11 survivors throughout the ship which are beamed to sickbay. Upon investigation of the ship's hull, it is discovered that the computer core and the warp core have been 'surgically' removed. A clean hole was cut into the hull where the components once were. Weapons signatures are detected and unidentifiable, except for minor similarities to Romulan weaponry. A warp trail is detected, so the Redeemer lays in a course to follow it.

The warp trail was faint and difficult to detect, let alone follow. The technology was something that had never been seen before. A distortion was detected and seemed to be following the Redeemer off the starboard bow. Another one appeared to be ahead of the Redeemer, following the same course and speed.

The Redeemer fires an anti-proton beam at the distortions, which disrupts it and reveals one unidentified vessel. Scans reveal that it has the computer core and the warp core, neither have been connected with their systems yet.

The Redeemer tries hailing them numerous times, and the vessel opens fire. After the Redeemer disables them, another ship decloaks. It is larger and has a better armament than the first. Hailing frequencies are established.

[14:38] Chase Quinnell: Unknown vessels, we are here in peace, please respond..
[14:39] Mendari Vessel: =/\= Federation vessel, we are the Mendari. Our mission is to colonize this galaxy and to gather the technology we encounter. =/\=
[14:40] Chase Quinnell: I see, and why can't you respect other species and organisations' rights?
[14:41] Mendari Vessel: =/\= They give us planets and technology, we give them a strong government and protection from enemies. =/\=
[14:46] Chase Quinnell: Mendari vessels, we are interested in finding a mutual agreement between our peoples..
[14:47] Mendari Vessel: =/\= You would benefit greatly from letting us further into your space to allow us to colonize and form governments on them. =/\=
[14:47] Chase Quinnell mutters, "One track mind.."
[14:48] Chase Quinnell: Mendari vessels, we have our own government already established on our colonies. We do like to form alliances with other species though.
[14:49] Mendari Vessel: =/\= We cannot agree. Our mission is to colonise and to gather tech. Please let us through or we will have to use force =/\=
[14:50] Ti Dezno: weapons are powering up
[14:50] Chase Quinnell: Cut the channel.

Another battle begins, but the Mendari vessel is soon disabled, but its core starts to breach and the ship explodes. Escape pods are found all around the debris. Before the Redeemer can beam the pods safely into the cargobay, the pods go to warp deeper into the system.

[15:00] Chase Quinnell: Beam them to our cargo bay and have sickbay receive the wounded.
[15:01]  ::The escape pods begin to turn and go to warp::
[15:01] Vinnie Lei: Or not...
[15:01] Chase Quinnell: What the hell.
[15:01] Diemme Morane: should I attempt to pursue sir?
[15:01] Chase Quinnell: Negative.
[15:01] Chase Quinnell: Let them go. Those escape pods are probably returning home.
[15:02] Chase Quinnell: How's the other damaged vessel?

The Redeemer attempts to lock a tractor beam on the other disabled vessel to take it to a starbase to repair and tend to its survivors. however, the ship begins some sort of auto-destruct sequence. The Redeemer backs away from the ship as it explodes violently-- 10 times worse than it should have.

It is determined that the Mendari vessels that were encountered couldn't have successfully attacked the Luranza and gotten away with stolen parts. Those ships were probably scout vessels, and there are probably much bigger and more powerful vessels lurking somewhere deep into un-charted space..

Mission Logs

[13:58] Chase Quinnell: ETA to the archaeological site?
[13:58] Diemme Morane ajdusts course ...
[13:59] Diemme Morane: ETA 3 minutes sir.
[13:59] Orion Pastorelli reviews some of the Nelvara colony records...
[13:59] Ti Dezno: taps the consol
[14:00] Diemme Morane checks her console, verifies course and speed...
[14:00] Kayden Joles: Captain...
[14:00] Chase Quinnell: Yes ensign?
[14:00] Vinnie Lei: Oh crap... computer, secure DooM program, authorization Vinnie Delta 1337, enable.
[14:00] Kayden Joles: I am recieving an urgent call from the USS Luranza
[14:01] Computer: Program secured.
[14:01] Chase Quinnell: ETA for arrival at maximum warp?
[14:01] Diemme Morane verifies position vs current location
[14:01] Diemme Morane: We're not far sir, we can be there in a little over a minute sir.
[14:01] Vinnie Lei: I know good stuff. hold on.
[14:02] Vinnie Lei: Helm, adjust course to intercept.
[14:02] Chase Quinnell: Engage.
[14:02] Diemme Morane: Course and speed laid in sir
[14:02] Diemme Morane: Helm engage
[14:04]  ::The ship arrives at the coordinates of the USS Luranza::
[14:04] Chase Quinnell: Take us out of warp, ensign.
[14:04] Chase Quinnell: Put the Luranza on screen...
[14:04] Chase Quinnell: And scan for life-forms.
[14:05] Chase Quinnell: Tactical, keep a look out for ships.
[14:05] Kayden Joles scans for life forms
[14:05] Ti Dezno: Aye sir scanning the are no ships at this time
[14:06] Chase Quinnell: What have the scans of the Luranza revealed?
[14:06] Kayden Joles: Sir, I can see that there are life forms down there
[14:06] Chase Quinnell: How many and what is the Luranza's current condition?
[14:06] Kayden Joles reads her scans
[14:06] Chase Quinnell looks at the image of the Luranza..
[14:07] Kayden Joles: It is in bad shape Sir
[14:07] Vinnie Lei: Holy crap...
[14:07] Chase Quinnell: what the hell are those holes?
[14:07] Kayden Joles: I detect.... 11 forms
[14:07] Ti Dezno: Sir I recommend caution this could be a trap
[14:07] Chase Quinnell: Looks like someone took a paperpuncher to that thing.
[14:07] Chase Quinnell: Noted, cadet.
[14:07] Diemme Morane tweaks our position to a strategially appropirate one.
[14:07] Chase Quinnell: Can you analyze those...holes?
[14:08] Orion Pastorelli furrows his brow, "Sir, somthing stange is going on..."
[14:08] Vinnie Lei: Someone surely knew what they were doing... those holes seem... not random.
[14:08] Chase Quinnell: Bridge to transporter room 2, beam the survivors directly to sickbay. [14:08] Kayden Joles frowns at her scans
[14:08] Kayden Joles: These are very clean cuts
[14:08] Vinnie Lei: Sickbay, prepare for casualties.
[14:08] Chase Quinnell: Indeed, Kayden.
[14:08] Orion Pastorelli: I am trying to uplink to the USS Luranza computer and its not responding... its like its just not there..."
[14:09] Diemme Morane: I'd say precise...
[14:09] Kayden Joles: The core was removed clean out!
[14:09] Kayden Joles looks at screen
[14:09] Chase Quinnell: A highly organized scavenger attack.
[14:09] Kayden Joles: They have no power
[14:09] Elim Exonar: that explains why there are no power readings from the Luranza sir
[14:09] Orion Pastorelli: or computer for that matter...
[14:09] Elim Exonar: all power generating equipment has been taken out
[14:09] Kayden Joles nods
[14:09] Vinnie Lei: Someone has a Redeemer class computer core and warp core? This is not good...
[14:10] Chase Quinnell: Examine the weapon signatures on that hull.
[14:10] Chase Quinnell: Indeed, not good Vinnie
[14:10] Chase Quinnell: They could even access the database in those computers if they manage to break enough security blocks
[14:10] Kayden Joles frowns
[14:10] Chase Quinnell: Are there any exiting warp trails leading out of the system?
[14:10] Diemme Morane doesn't like this...
[14:11] Vinnie Lei: Ms Joles, contact Starfleet command and inform them of the missing computer core. At least they won't be able to use certain command codes then. Encrypted ofcourse.
[14:11] Chase Quinnell: And.. take us to yellow alert.
[14:11] Orion Pastorelli runs some structural integrity scans, " it guess worse, dectecting smalle holes where the primary and secondary backup computer cores should be..."
[14:11] Kayden Joles: Yes Sir
[14:12] Chase Quinnell: Great.. they even got the secondary computer core.
[14:12] Kayden Joles opens channel with Starfleet
[14:12] Kayden Joles: USS Redeemer to Starfleet...
[14:12] Chase Quinnell: Just send them a message
[14:12] Chase Quinnell: no need to hail them.
[14:12] Kayden Joles nods
[14:12] Chase Quinnell: If they need to respond, they will.
[14:12] Chase Quinnell: Again, any indication of where the attackers went?
[14:13] Kayden Joles alerts Starfleet of missing computer core
[14:13] Orion Pastorelli purses his lips, "whoever did this had detailed knowledge of the redeemer class design..."
[14:13] Chase Quinnell: That's what I am afraid of, Orion.
[14:13] Chase Quinnell: That or amazing sensor capabilities
[14:13] Vinnie Lei: I'd say the Borg, but they don't seem to take objects such a way. The neither, since they only want bodyparts.
[14:17] Ti Dezno: Sir I am detecting warp signitures, tranfering them to helm now
[14:17] Diemme Morane analyzes the helm data
[14:17] Vinnie Lei: What are the coordinates?
[14:17] Diemme Morane: Sir they seem to be heading deeper into the system, but I have no idea where
[14:17] Orion Pastorelli: sir, I am picking up elevated neutrino activity near the edges of the cuts similar to romulan weapon signatures, but they are a different wavelenths... I believe they might be compromising weapon signatur analythis...
[14:18] Chase Quinnell: Helm, adjust course to follow the trail
[14:19] Diemme Morane: Sir, I'm looking at the trail...
[14:19] Diemme Morane: It doesn't seem to show any of the properties we're accustomed to seeing...
[14:19] Diemme Morane: Might be new technologies or something we've never seen before.
[14:19] Diemme Morane: I'm attempting to follow the trail. but I might need some assitance from the sensor array.
[14:20] Diemme Morane adusts course...
[14:20] Chase Quinnell: Engineering, can you boost power to the sensors?
[14:20] Elim Exonar: boosting power to sensor array and main deflector dish
[14:20] Kayden Joles nods and monitors sensors
[14:20] Elim Exonar: I'll try to remove as much background noise as possible
[14:20] Diemme Morane lays in a course...
[14:20] Diemme Morane: speed sir?
[14:20] Orion Pastorelli: Diemme please transfer your signatures to the science station
[14:20] Chase Quinnell: Engage at warp 6.
[14:20] Diemme Morane engages warp 6.
[14:21] Diemme Morane transfers data to Science.
[14:21] Diemme Morane: any help will be appreciated in keeping on this trail...
[14:21] Orion Pastorelli: thank you *taps away*
[14:21] Chase Quinnell: Any ships on sensors, tactical?
[14:22] Ti Dezno: none so far sir, however I am detecting an anomolus reading off the port quarter
[14:22] Chase Quinnell: Noted.
[14:23] Ti Dezno: some type of distortion wave, similar to an old style cloking device
[14:23] Chase Quinnell: Keep an eye on it.
[14:23] Ti Dezno: Aye Sir
[14:23] Ti Dezno: taps console vigerously
[14:23] Elim Exonar: we might get a better resolution if we used an anti-proton beam on that distortion
[14:23] Diemme Morane: Orion, do you have anything on that trail? It seems to be getting fuzzy further on...
[14:24] Chase Quinnell: Fuzzy?
[14:24] Diemme Morane: distorted maybe...
[14:24] Orion Pastorelli sir, I have superimposed the warp signature we are following to the strange neutrino wave lenths on the USS Luranza, I believe we are dealing with similar technology, we are on the trail...
[14:24] Diemme Morane: Hard to lock on coordinates
[14:24] Chase Quinnell: Acknowledged, Orion.
[14:24] Chase Quinnell: Keep trying, Diemme.
[14:25] Orion Pastorelli: I can re-alocate science sensores to Helm to boost range and resolution...
[14:25] Diemme Morane nods, Aye sir. Any data from Ops or Science would be helpful
[14:25] Vinnie Lei: I get a feeling they replaced their broken parts with Starfleet technologies
[14:25] Chase Quinnell: Make it so, Lt.
[14:26] Orion Pastorelli aye, captain, Lt. Morane transfering control to Helm ... now. [14:26] Diemme Morane has heard of a species that did that with body parts...
[14:26] Kayden Joles snaps to attention and focuses on scans
[14:26] Ti Dezno: Sir I am reading that distortion again, this time it is dead ahead of us
[14:26] Diemme Morane analyzes Science stations data...
[14:26] Ti Dezno: aprox. 1.5 light years
[14:26] Vinnie Lei: Any luck with the anti-proton beam?
[14:26] Kayden Joles: Lt. the trail appears to be head ahead
[14:26] Elim Exonar: ready to use sir
[14:27] Elim Exonar: activating it now
[14:27] Chase Quinnell: Standby on that, Elim.
[14:27] Ti Dezno: negative sir it appears to be staying ahead of us
[14:27] Chase Quinnell: I see.
[14:27] Elim Exonar: aye sir, standing by
[14:27] Ti Dezno: manouvering with us
[14:27] Chase Quinnell: Fire the anti proton beam at it.
[14:27] Elim Exonar: firing beam
[14:27] Elim Exonar: the beam is penetrating the distortion
[14:27] Kayden Joles keeps watch over sensors
[14:27] Elim Exonar: reading a power signature
[14:28] Elim Exonar: reading 2 power signatures now, sir.
[14:28] Elim Exonar: I think our first officer's statement is accurate
[14:28] Ti Dezno: Scans indicating a vessel of unkown configuration
[14:28] Elim Exonar: they replaced some of their parts with parts of our ship
[14:28] Elim Exonar: but they're not compatible
[14:28] Elim Exonar: or not fully compatible
[14:28] Chase Quinnell: It's possible they will modify them to be compatible
[14:29] Chase Quinnell: Hail them.
[14:29] Diemme Morane: That would explain my readings. they're unusual in configuration.
[14:29] Vinnie Lei: If Cardassian technology can be made compatible with Starfleet technologies, anything can...
[14:29] Ti Dezno: sir detecting an energy spike, the are firing weapons
[14:29] Chase Quinnell: Indeed.. I hate the Tranquility for its half starfleet/half cardassian look.
[14:29] Diemme Morane swings Redeemer our of the way
[14:29] Kayden Joles opens Comm channel
[14:30] Ti Dezno: Shield are down 8%
[14:30] Chase Quinnell: Evasive maneuvers pattern Vinnie 5.
[14:30] Diemme Morane: Pattern Vinnie 5 engaged
[14:30] Orion Pastorelli: sir, elevated neutrino activity can indicate multiphasic technology, recomend that tactical impliment rotating modulations to shield frequencies!
[14:30] Ti Dezno: phasers and photons fully charged sir
[14:30] Ti Dezno: shields at maximum
[14:30] Chase Quinnell: This is the captain of the Federation starship Redeemer, why have you fired on us?
[14:31] Ti Dezno: Aye sir rotating shild modulation
[14:31] Chase Quinnell: Not very talkative.
[14:31] Orion Pastorelli: ...
[14:31] Diemme Morane thinks... this seems odd... the attack didn't seem quite so precise as what we saw on Luranza...
[14:31] Vinnie Lei: Tactical, fire an photon torpedo off their starboard bow, see if they want tot alk then.
[14:31] Orion Pastorelli: the translator is functional...
[14:31] Chase Quinnell: They are probably trying to scare us off.
[14:32] Ti Dezno: they are fireing again sir
[14:32] Elim Exonar: I don't think they're in any condition to fight us
[14:32] Elim Exonar: they power seems to be fluttering
[14:32] Chase Quinnell: Evasive maneuvers.
[14:32] Diemme Morane: Evasive manourver engaged
[14:32] Vinnie Lei: Tactical, disable their engine and shields.
[14:32] Ti Dezno: no effect, they missed us!!
[14:32] Chase Quinnell: Then perhaps the Luranza beat them up a good number before she went out of business.
[14:32] Ti Dezno: aye sir fireing phasers
[14:32] Diemme Morane keeps Redeemer out of harms way, by varying the evasive manoeuvers...
[14:33] Ti Dezno: direct hit sir, thier engines are down
[14:33] Diemme Morane reachs under her chair and snaps her seatbelt secured.
[14:33] Chase Quinnell: Hold fire.
[14:33] Chase Quinnell: Open a channel.
[14:33] Ti Dezno: and thier shields are dissabled
[14:33] Elim Exonar: sir, i detect the Luranza's computer core. It's not attached to their system
[14:33] Ti Dezno: Aye sir holding fire
[14:33] Chase Quinnell: Good.. then hopefully they havent accessed the database yet
[14:33] Kayden Joles opens a channel
[14:33] Diemme Morane brings Redeemer to a parralel position, at a safe distance
[14:34] Kayden Joles: Channel ready sir
[14:34] Vinnie Lei: Elim, can you try to access the computer core and scramble all information?
[14:34] Chase Quinnell: Unknown vessel, we are still waiting for your reply.
[14:34] Elim Exonar: I can use a magneton pulse to erase everything on it
[14:34] Orion Pastorelli hopes the cores are not offline...
[14:34] Chase Quinnell: Make it so, Mr. Exonar.
[14:34] Elim Exonar: but we can just beam it to our engine room
[14:34] Chase Quinnell: Our engine room couldnt hold a computer core
[14:34] Chase Quinnell: Those things are massive.
[14:35] Elim Exonar: aye sir, preparing magneton beam
[14:35] Elim Exonar: beam is ready to fire
[14:35] Chase Quinnell: Fire.
[14:35] Vinnie Lei: Engage beam.
[14:35] Elim Exonar: Firing
[14:35] Elim Exonar: total computer erasure in 1 minute
[14:35] Chase Quinnell: Again, unknown vessel, respond.
[14:35] Orion Pastorelli: sir, we should try to at least retrieve the core, could have important info on the USS Luranza last moments
[14:36] Elim Exonar: Luranza computer core is now erased sir
[14:36] Vinnie Lei: The last moments should still be in longrange sensors control Orion.
[14:36] Ti Dezno: Sir I am detecting a second vessel decloking off the starbord bow!
[14:36] Elim Exonar: not yet
[14:37] Elim Exonar: got it
[14:37] Diemme Morane prepares to get us out of harms way...
[14:37] Ti Dezno: much larger than the first one
[14:37] Elim Exonar: it's... integrated into their system
[14:37] Chase Quinnell: Unknown vessel, stand down immediately
[14:37] Chase Quinnell: What is integrated, Elim?
[14:37] Diemme Morane thinks: "Oh shit" But doesnt say it out loud...
[14:37] Elim Exonar: the secondary computer core
[14:38] Chase Quinnell: Great.
[14:38] Ti Dezno: Sir they are locked on to us but I am reading no energy build up in the weapon systems
[14:38] Chase Quinnell: Unknown vessels, we are here in peace, please respond..
[14:38] Elim Exonar: it would have been erased by my beam sir
[14:38] Orion Pastorelli: ok maybe the magnatized beam was a good idea...
[14:39] Orion Pastorelli: Sir I have an idea...
[14:39] =/\= Federation vessel, we are the Mendari. Our mission is to colonize this galaxy and to gather the technology we encounter. =/\=
[14:40] Diemme Morane: The Mendari? I've never heard of THEM...
[14:40] Vinnie Lei: Gee, where did I hear that before. something about you will be assimilated.
[14:40] Chase Quinnell rolls his eyes.
[14:40] Chase Quinnell: I see, and why can't you respect other species and organisations' rights?
[14:40] Diemme Morane: Yeah, we're used to "tough guys"
[14:41] =/\= They give us planets and technology, we give them a strong government and protection from enemies. =/\=
[14:41] Kayden Joles looks intently at the scren in front of her
[14:41] Orion Pastorelli: if they have intergrated the core with their systems then maybe you
could use your securty clearence to gerry-rig and auto-destruct... ms Kayden just needs to set up an undectable link...
[14:41] Diemme Morane prepares to kick some Mendari shins... .... wonder if they HAVE shins.....
[14:42] Chase Quinnell motions to mute the channel
[14:42] Vinnie Lei: We are here to find new lifeforms Orion. Not destroy them. If we can remove or destroy our parts without their annialation, so the better.
[14:42] Elim Exonar: I don't think that will work Orion, it was too close to the primary core, it's been erased
[14:42] Chase Quinnell: Indeed, Vinnie is right.
[14:43] Chase Quinnell: I'd like to protect their rights as a species as well, and possibly maintain a peaceful coexistance
[14:43] Chase Quinnell: Those guys aren't mindless automatons like the Borg.
[14:43] Orion Pastorelli grumbles, hes not used to his brilliant ideas getting shot down...
[14:43] Chase Quinnell: They just want tech and colonies.
[14:43] Diemme Morane thinks sardonically: "Is that all?"
[14:43] Chase Quinnell chuckles.
[14:43] Diemme Morane snorts
[14:44] Chase Quinnell: I dont like it either. They killed many young cadets who had bright futures..
[14:44] Vinnie Lei: The Luranza must've responded to a fake distress call from the Mendari, or something similar.
[14:44] Ti Dezno: Sir this is odd, I am reading a powerdown of their weapons, and shields
[14:44] Chase Quinnell frowns.
[14:44] Chase Quinnell: Strange.
[14:45] Diemme Morane is worried
[14:45] Chase Quinnell: Open the channel.
[14:45] Ti Dezno: could they be surrendering?
[14:45] Kayden Joles: Aye Sir
[14:45] Kayden Joles opens channel
[14:45] Diemme Morane runs a quick diag just to make sure...
[14:46] Chase Quinnell: Mendari vessels, we are interested in finding a mutual agreement between our peoples..
[14:47] =/\= You would benefit greatly from letting us further into your space to allow us to colonize and form governments on them. =/\=
[14:47] Chase Quinnell mutters, "One track mind.."
[14:48] Diemme Morane is frightened by the idea of a race of politicians...
[14:48] Chase Quinnell: Mendari vessels, we have our own government already established on our colonies. We do like to form alliances with other species though.
[14:49] =/\= We cannot agree. Our mission is to colonise and to gather tech. Please let us through or we will have to use force =/\=
[14:49] Kayden Joles raises eyebrow
[14:49] Ti Dezno: Sir tier shields ar up
[14:50] Orion Pastorelli: they are saying PLEASE may we destroy your people?
[14:50] Chase Quinnell chuckles.
[14:50] Ti Dezno: weponds are powering up
[14:50] Chase Quinnell: Cut the channel.
[14:50] Vinnie Lei: Something like that, Orion.
[14:50] Kayden Joles closes down channel
[14:50] Kayden Joles: Aye Sir
[14:50] Diemme Morane: Jerks, Polite jerks but jerks nonetheless.
[14:50] Chase Quinnell sighs.
[14:50] Elim Exonar: politicians
[14:50] Diemme Morane: Like Canadian jerks!
[14:50] Vinnie Lei laughs at Diemme's comment.
[14:50] Chase Quinnell laughs.
[14:50] Kayden Joles laughs
[14:51] Ti Dezno: raises one eyebrow
[14:51] Diemme Morane grins
[14:51] Vinnie Lei: Ok, let's kick their ehhh... Mendari rear ends then.
[14:51] Diemme Morane is of Canadian descent Ti.
[14:51] Chase Quinnell: We'll just cut 'em down to size. I dont want to kill them
[14:51] Vinnie Lei: As I said, sir. Kick their rear ends.
[14:52] Ti Dezno: Sir they are firing
[14:52] Chase Quinnell: Tactical, open fire. Disable their weapons systems and try to cause enough damage to get them to let them know we won't let them in.
[14:52] Chase Quinnell: Attack pattern gamma.
[14:52] Ti Dezno: Aye sir phasers locked , firing
[14:52] Ti Dezno: Atack pattern Gamma
[14:52] Diemme Morane inputs helm directions for Gamma
[14:53] Ti Dezno: a hit or thier forwad quater
[14:53] Elim Exonar: redirecting all available power to the shields
[14:53] Ti Dezno: they are firing again
[14:53]  ::The Mendari vessels let out multiple phaser beams causing severe damage::
[14:53] Ti Dezno: shield down 20%
[14:53] Diemme Morane deftly swings Redeemer our of the way again...
[14:53] Elim Exonar: multiple contacts to the hull
[14:53] Vinnie Lei: Sir, but we can't let them get away with Starfleet technoligies. We have to be sure that all essential equipment from us are gone beyond recognition.
[14:53] Chase Quinnell: We already erased the computer cores.
[14:53] Chase Quinnell: Boost power to the shields.
[14:53] Orion Pastorelli shuts down science labs to make power available for re-allocation...
[14:54] Ti Dezno: taps console, firing photon torpedoes
[14:54] Diemme Morane tries to avoid all the shots, but it's just not possible
[14:54] Elim Exonar: one breach being sealed by emergency force fields
[14:54] Ti Dezno: a hit
[14:54] Ti Dezno: they are badly damaged sir
[14:54] Chase Quinnell: The warp core is the only thing we need to get.
[14:54] Vinnie Lei: Elim, can you try and lock on to the cores and beam them into space and then destroy them?
[14:54] Diemme Morane gets us in transporter range...
[14:54] Elim Exonar: I could sir but I would recommend that we disable some of their weapons first
[14:54] Chase Quinnell: The stolen warp core is offline, but it isn't damaged enough to be unusable.
[14:54] Ti Dezno: sir they are moving off
[14:54] Elim Exonar: I have to lower the shields
[14:55] Chase Quinnell: Pursuit course.
[14:55] Diemme Morane prepares to pursue
[14:55] Ti Dezno: the second vessel is also movin away
[14:55] Chase Quinnell: Get their engines down.
[14:55] Diemme Morane engages
[14:55] Diemme Morane: we're right on them sir
[14:55] Chase Quinnell: I want those stolen cores.
[14:55] Chase Quinnell: Get the ships' engines and shields offline.
[14:55] Diemme Morane leans on the gas
[14:55] Ti Dezno: locking on the lead vessels engins,
[14:55] Elim Exonar: sir, they shield technology is using an upper band frequency. If we set our weapons to a lower band, we could potentially get through them
[14:55] Ti Dezno: firing
[14:55] Vinnie Lei: Make it so.
[14:56] Ti Dezno: a hit, they are dropping out ow warp
[14:56] Elim Exonar: lowering phaser frequency
[14:56] Ti Dezno: second vessel is turning on os sir, firing
[14:56] Chase Quinnell: Return fire.
[14:56] Chase Quinnell: Take out their engines and weapons.
[14:56] Ti Dezno: Aye sir firing phasers
[14:56] Kayden Joles holds onto seat a bit
[14:56] Diemme Morane swings us around.
[14:57] Elim Exonar: sir, our phasers are cutting through their shields like a knife through butter
[14:57] Ti Dezno: direct hit on thier worp core
[14:57]  ::The lead Mendari ship returns fire with their forward phaser cannon::
[14:57] Ti Dezno: I am reading a warp core breach in progress sir
[14:57] Ti Dezno: esimate 10 seconds to detonation
[14:57] Diemme Morane prepares to get us the fook outta here!!!
[14:57] Chase Quinnell: Pull us away.
[14:57] Diemme Morane engages engines
[14:58] Diemme Morane moves us to a safe distance as quickly as she can
[14:58]  ::The Redeemer reverses course as the Mendari ship explodes from the core breach::
[14:58] Ti Dezno: Sir I am detecting an explosion
[14:58] Chase Quinnell: We're far enough away.
[14:58] Chase Quinnell: Let's go back in for a closer look.
[14:58] Chase Quinnell: Did they jettison escape pods?
[14:59] Ti Dezno: the smaller vessel is gone sir, only debris
[14:59] Elim Exonar: for a conquering species, their technology is rather rudimentary
[14:59] Chase Quinnell: The larger vessel?
[14:59] Orion Pastorelli: so much for not wiping them out...
[14:59] Ti Dezno: the second vessel is badly damaged and drifting in space
[14:59] Chase Quinnell: Their darned core exploded.
[14:59] Vinnie Lei: Our core, sir.
[14:59] Chase Quinnell looks at the cadet behind the tactical console.
[15:00] Chase Quinnell: Any survivors?
[15:00] Chase Quinnell: Escape pods?
[15:00] Ti Dezno: sir I am reading 24 escape pods
[15:00] Chase Quinnell: Beam them to our cargo bay and have sickbay receive the wounded..
[15:01]  ::The escape pods begin to turn and go to warp::
[15:01] Vinnie Lei: Or not...
[15:01] Chase Quinnell: What the hell.
[15:01] Diemme Morane: should I attempt to pursue sir?
[15:01] Chase Quinnell: Negative..
[15:01] Diemme Morane nods
[15:01] Chase Quinnell: Let them go. Those escape pods are probably returning home.
[15:02] Chase Quinnell: The damaged vessel?
[15:02] Chase Quinnell: Their status?
[15:02] Elim Exonar: it's in a good enough shape to be towed with a tractor beam
[15:02] Ti Dezno: no power readings sir
[15:02] Chase Quinnell: Tow it to where, I wonder..
[15:02] Elim Exonar: we can study their computer core
[15:02] Elim Exonar: see where they come from
[15:03] Ti Dezno: Locking on to the vessel with a tractor beam sir
[15:03] Chase Quinnell: I get the feeling that these ships couldnt have attacked the Luranza on their own though. They're too weak.
[15:03] Ti Dezno: we have it sir
[15:03] Vinnie Lei: Maybe these are... scouts of some sort.
[15:03] Chase Quinnell: That's what I am beginning to think.
[15:04] Orion Pastorelli: and those wern't escape pods?
[15:04] Diemme Morane: An advance force?
[15:04] Chase Quinnell: Those escape pods obviously have warp ability to return to their bases
[15:04] Ti Dezno: Sir I am getting a strange reading from that ship
[15:04] Chase Quinnell: Explain, cadet.
[15:04] Diemme Morane: Reconnaissance ships?
[15:04] Vinnie Lei nods
[15:04] Ti Dezno: similar to a power build up, but there was no indication of any power source
[15:05] Elim Exonar: a self-destruct maybe?
[15:05] Chase Quinnell: Remote self destruct?
[15:05] Chase Quinnell: This is almost Borg-like..
[15:05] Chase Quinnell: Lets get out of here
[15:05] Ti Dezno: it is possible that our tractor beam activated a self destruct mechanism
[15:05] Diemme Morane: Can we block the signal?
[15:05] Elim Exonar: negative
[15:05] Diemme Morane slams it in drive, and books it outta here
[15:05] Elim Exonar: we'd need to get onboard
[15:05] Chase Quinnell: Leave it behind.. I can't endanger this crew.
[15:05] Chase Quinnell: I don't want to be close to it when it blows.
[15:06] Ti Dezno: energy buildup is steadily increasing sir
[15:06] Chase Quinnell: Pull us away from it.
[15:06] Diemme Morane increases speed
[15:06] Ti Dezno: Aye sir releasing tractor beam
[15:06] Diemme Morane plots a course that gets us well away
[15:07] Ti Dezno: < ship explodes>
[15:07] Ti Dezno: Sir the ship is gone, only debris
[15:07] Chase Quinnell: Understood, cadet.
[15:07] Chase Quinnell: Helm, set course for the nearest outpost. Warp 5.
[15:07] Diemme Morane lets up on the gas a touch...
[15:08] Orion Pastorelli: sir I am analysing the tactical read out, the energy release from that explotions was 10 times what it should have been for the about of carbon-bonds in the molecular structure of their hull...
[15:08] Diemme Morane: Warp 5, course laid in sir
[15:08] Chase Quinnell: Engage..
[15:08] Diemme Morane engages