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UF Starfleet Events Management
General Data
Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet
Founded: 2381
Status: Active
Location: Pinastri Sector
Homebase: UF Starfleet Command Headquarters
Division Staff
*Division Head: Vacant
*Vice Division Head: Vacant
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UFS Holidays & Events

Fleet Admiral Calhoun Day


Annual event to celebrate the leadership, vision, and dedication of Admiral Calhoun. Activities can include various contests, judged by Admiral Calhoun and his designees. Based on Captain Picard Day on the USS Enterprise-D

Festival of Love


Semi-formal event celebrating love in all it’s forms.

Day of Honor


Also known as Batlh jaj in Klingon. Holiday where a warrior evaluates his or her deeds for the past year to see whether he has been honorable. The warrior must also respect the honor of both friends and enemies which essentially mean everyone, regardless of species, are treated as Klingons which allows anyone to participate in Suv'batleth. Warriors will tell stories of past battles. Klingon food and drink will be served, and hand-to-hand combat between warriors to test skills.

First Contact Day

April 5

Holiday celebrating the flight of the Phoenix and first contact with the Vulcans.

SL Sci Fi Convention Banquet

April (after convention ends)

Event to recognize and/or award those who participated in the convention, whether it was building, hosting, promoting, or raising funds for RFL.

Antarian Trans-Stellar Rally

May (Traditionally held sometime during the third weekend)

Annual race to celebrate a treaty that was signed between species. UFS members will race in specified ships.

Multicultural Day

June Annual event celebrating all the many cultures that makes up UFS.



Festival of the Moon - very popular Risian celebration, usually held at Suraya Bay on Risa. UFS celebrates with a beach party, complete with food and games.

Fleet Admiral's Banquet


Formal ball where annual UFS awards are announced.

Star Trek Day

September 8

Celebration commemorating the premiere of Star Trek on television in 1966. The USS Veracruz hosts a roleplay event on a Constitution Class vessel to honor that first crew of the USS Enterprise. Any UFS member can participate. Date(s) to be determined by Kinney Randt.

Federation Day

October 11

Celebration commemorating the founding of the United Federation of Planets. Actual date of celebration to be determined each year.

Gratitude Festival

November (Traditionally held something during the third weekend)

Based on the Bajoran celebration, also known as the Peldor Festival. Traditional greeting used during the festival is "Peldor joi," bateret leaves are traditionally burned, and participants write their problems on renewal scrolls which are then burned so their troubles symbolically turn into ashes.

Winter Holiday Event


A combination of cultural winter holidays.