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  • .... Upon graduation from the academy he rose through the ranks, holding many positions, the highest being Vice Chief of Starfleet Operations. Achieving the rank o * Nanotechnology in Medical Science 200713
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  • ...Nakajima was informed by her physician that she was pregnant, and later on in the fall gave birth to twin boys. 2367, Starfleet suffered catastrophic losses in the Battle at Wolf 359. In response to the possibility of a Borg Invasion, Starfleet called Commodore
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  • ...Officer, Training and Doctrine Command]]. He reports immediately to the CO TRACOM. *Reports regularly to the CO TRACOM
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  • [[Category:TRACOM]] [[Category:Positions in TRACOM‏‎]]
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  • <font color=red> '''This is a document in under construction!'''<font color=white> <br/> ...ou many have more then one MOS, just like you may have more the one Billet in the Fleet, but one of certain MOS. For example look at the Science Branch:<
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  • ...hameloid, shapeshifting abilities are second nature. Chameloids are listed in the Federation Endangered Species list. ...n Their quarters until she was able to keep a human appearance. Eventually in 2365 Her parents received a change of assignment, orders aboard the USS Bel
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  • ...uct of a Human male and Orion female. Her father, Martin Crystal was born in Dublin, Eire on Earth. An Irishman he was known for a wry, cynical sense of her eyelashes along with non-suspicious movements of hands and body positions. The other was that she truly liked the jovial Irishman and had fallen f
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