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  • This document is intended to inform new UFS members of the procedure to be granted the status of commissioned officer ([[Rank Chart|Ensign]]) or enlis ...(representing the 4 years in Starfleet Academy). However, if you are able to do all your requirements in 1 week, you can graduate sooner. Those cadets w
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  • As Commander-in-Chief, it is my pleasure to welcome you to United Federation Starfleet, The Ultimate Starfleet Experience ...ed as a dream.....a dream to realize and bring Gene Roddenberry’s vision to life within the Star Trek community.
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  • ...paired the extensive issues with Cascade Station. Admiral Calhoun, wishing to give the station a fresh start, ordered a rechristening and Cascade Station ...the largest contained space borne facilities Starfleet had ever attempted to build. Today, the mushroom shape of the Ournal-class spacedock has become o
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  • ...the world can come together and pursue their love of a common fandom; and to promote fellowship among those interested therein We want to make sure you really feel like you are a Starfleet Officer.
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