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Top = Male; Bottom = Female

General Data
*Home System: [Delta Quadrant
*Home Planet: Unknown
*First Contact: 2412
*First Contact By: SS Pathfinder
*Violence: To be determined
*Primary Language: Skeen
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Skeen
*Scientific Family: Insectoid/Reptilian hybrid
*Scientific Order: Argon/Oxygen Breathing Species
*Skin: Tough exoskeleton
*Hair: None
*Eyes: Compound, insect-like
*Emphatic: No
*Telepatic: No
*Intelligence: Their vessels are made of standard materials and scan show some sort of neural network functioning in their ships but, it is not known how it works.
Other Information
Given the fact that the UFS Diplomatic Corps have not yet established formal relations with this species, and given the difficult first contact aboard SS Pathfinder, Starfleet personnel are advised to use caution in dealings with the Skeen.


The Skeen are near average human height and weight. Bodies of the Skeen are enclosed entirely within hard exoskeletons. They thrive in an Oxygen-Argon atmosphere with an argon concentration of 68%. Most other humanoids operate best with 0% Argon in the atmosphere. While the Skeen can operate for hours or even days in most humanoid environments, they can't stay indefinitely. Special attention should be paid for this species' need for atmospheric Argon. This is especially important if recovering or assisting Skeen survivors, or if hosting a long diplomatic conference. Possible solutions involve using re-breathers or even providing quarters or entire decks with their specialized atmosphere.

One fact that is known is that the Skeen can eject an acidic poison that quickly causes paralysis within minutes. If the victim is not placed on life-support, that will go into respiratory arrest. Over a long term period, the victim will begin to dissolve from the inside out. Similar to snakes and some spider of Earth, the poison actually begins to digest the victim before ingestion. The Skeen would then “feed” on the victim by sucking up it victim via the fang in their mouth.

The Skeen are able to regenerate body parts, a trait similar to other species of reptiloid genetics.

Society & Culture

The Skeen appear to live by a "hive" mentality. Despite their appearance, they're open and very talkative and willing to share information about their culture and arts. They're unwilling to share information on their technology though.


Federation Contact

First contact with this species occurred on stardate 140111 at SS Pathfinder. A Skeen ship collided with an Aleeian vessel in Pathfinder's vicinity. Rescue efforts by Pathfinder and the attached USS Nightstalker successfully saved both crews. Later, two security crewmen were killed and an Aleeian diplomat was injured while recovering in room P 19 of SS Pathfinder's residential deck. While the incident remains under investigation, the Skeen remain prime suspects in the attack.


Authored by: Herbert Glenfadden