Pinastri Headquarters

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Pinastri Headquarters
Boldly Going Forward
Construction Data
*Registry: None
*Type: Colony
*Sector of Operations: Sector 001
*Commissioned: 201205
*Construction: N/A
*Station Designer: Advanced Starbase Design Bureau
*Operational Status: Active - Level 2
Design Specifications
*Type: Colony
*Hull Composition: N/A
*Levels: N/A
*Crew Compliment: N/A
Engineering Specifications
Senior Staff
*Commander: Lan Nakajima
*Chief of Security: Phoenix Finistair
*Chief Medical Officer: Kiara1 Noel
Extra Ship Information
*Mission Logs Location: [Crew Logs]
*Crew Manifest: Pinastri Headquarters Crew Manifest
Station Patch
New Pinastri.png

For all information contact

Ship Info

CO: Lan Nakajima


RP Days/Time: 24/7 Immersive environment

Location: Second Life SLURL


The Name derives from being placed on Pinastri Prime and as being the Headquarters of UF Starfleet in the Delta Quadrant.


Pinastri Headquarters has a multitude of functions. Serving as a place in Second Life where those that choose not to be assigned to a Ship or Station of the fleet can call it home. When "Unassigned" or Assigned to Headquarters the CO will ensure the members are looked after, have what they need.

For those that choose the Roleplay aspect or to go through the Academy Experience then HQ can also serves as a fully immersive roleplay hub in Second Life to play out being a starfleet officer at Headquarters in the Delta Quadrant.

Pinastri Headquarters is located on the forth planet in the Pinastri star System in the Delta Quadrant.

Construction and Initial Assignment

Technical Data