Pinastri Colony

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Pinastri Colony
Boldly Going Forward
Construction Data
*Registry: None
*Type: Surface Installation
*Sector of Operations: Sector 001
*Commissioned: 201205
*Construction: N/A
*Station Designer: Starbase Construction and Design Bureau
*Operational Status: Active - Level 2
Design Specifications
*Type: Surface Installation
*Hull Composition: Tritanium/Duranium Alloy - Granite
*Levels: 6
*Crew Compliment: 25,000
Engineering Specifications
*Computer Systems: Dual AC-29 Bio-Neural Processor Cores (LCARS 7.5)
*Power Systems: Primary Reactor: 1x Magma-Deuterium Plasma Fusion Reactor

Auxiliary Power: Type X Fusion Generators x 30 Emergency Power: Type VIIb Storage Batteries x 15 Total Power Output: 5,125,320 TeraJoules per Second

Senior Staff
*Commander: Kermie Mistwallow
*Executive Officer: Phoenix Finistair
*Chief Medical Officer: Opheliaautumn Resident
*Chief Intelligence Officer: Wolfton Foulsbane
Extra Ship Information
*Mission Logs Location: [Crew Logs]
*Crew Manifest: Pinastri Colony Crew Manifest
Station Patch
New Pinastri.png

Ship Info

CO: Fleet Admiral Kermie Mistwallow

Acting XO: Captain Phoenix Finistair

RP Days/Time: 24/7 Immersive environment

Location: Second Life SLURL


The Name derives from being placed on Pinastri Prime and as being the Headquarters of UF Starfleet in the Delta Quadrant.


Pinastri Headquarters serves as the Starfleet Command Installation of the Pinastri Star System. Home to both UFS Command, and UFS Academy, Pinastri Headquarters is home to UFS's operations in the Delta Quadrant. Similar to San Francisco on Earth, Pinastri Headquarters is tasked with supporting the large Civilian population, Starship Construction and Maintenance with orbiting Cascadia Shipyards and defense of UFS's most critical assets.

Similar in function and design to it's predecessor Pathfinder Research Facility, Pinastri Headquarters is also tasked with all Scientific Research projects active within the Pinastri Star System.

Pinastri Headquarters is located on the fourth planet in the Pinastri star System in the Delta Quadrant.

Construction and Initial Assignment

Reconstruction of Pinastri Headquarters began in July 2421 following a planetary catastrophe that left much of the original surface facilities destroyed or severely damaged. The new facility was designed to take advantage of the abundant exposed strata, and in tandem with Seismic Stabilizer systems, Pinastri Headquarters was built mostly underground to try and offer a more defensive position as well as leave it less prone to the whims of Pinastri Prime's geological instabilities.

Technical Data

Class: Pinastri Headquarters Class Ground Base

  • Hull: Duranium-Tritaninum Hull/Granite Rock Strata
  • Land Coverage: 800 SqKm
  • Decks: 6
  • Expected Hull Life: 250 Years
  • Diplomatic Capacity: 10


  • Primary Reactors: 1x Magma-Deuterium Plasma Fusion Reactor
  • Auxiliary Power: Type X Fusion Generators x 30
  • Emergency Power: Type VIIb Storage Batteries x 15
  • Total Power Output: 5,125,320 TeraJoules per Second


  • Orbital:
    • 42x Orbital Defense Platforms
    • 100 Photon Torpedoes per Platform
    • 2 Type XII Phaser Arrays per Platform
  • Planetary:
    • 10 Ground Defense Platforms
    • 4 Type XII Pulse Phaser Cannons per Platform

Defensive Systems:

  • Shields:
    • Type: Atmospheric High Capacity Multi-Adaptive Shield Grid
    • Number of Grids: 2064
    • Power Output: 80,050 Gigawatts
  • Armor:
    • 30cm Ablative Armor Plating
    • 24x Rock Strata Reinforcement Struts

Support Systems:

  • Computer System:
    • Type: AC-30 Bio-Neural Super System x 5
    • Version :: LCARS 7.5
    • Storage Capacity :: 1210 MegaQuads
    • Processing Speed :: 942.000 ExaFLOPS
  • Sensor Arrays:
    • Type: x42 Multi-Modal Sensor Platforms
    • Range: 48 Light Years
  • Transporters:
    • Type: Personnel x10
    • Payload: 900 Kilograms
    • Range: 40,000 Kilometers
  • Type: Cargo x8
    • Payload: 800 Tons
    • Range: 40,000 Kilometers

  • Communications Array:
    • Short Range: 12,000,000 Kilometers
    • Long Range: 72 Light years for Real Time Transmission
  • Docking Facilities:
    • SS Cascadia in Geosynchronous Orbit
  • Support Craft:
    • 1x Sagan Class Starship - USS Erebus-A
    • 5x Danube Class Runabout
    • 4x Type 6a Shuttlecraft
    • 10x Type 9 Shuttlecraft
    • 10x Type 14 Shuttlecraft
    • 10x Workbee Support Craft