Semper Fidelus

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Semper Fidelus.png
Semper Fidelus
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP084
*Initiated: 101106
*Ended: 101107
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: Semper Fidelus
*Previous Mission: Nightmares and Dreamscapes
*Next Mission: My Kinda Town
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Valerius Swansong, Teresa Firelight

Tracking the Chroniton Radiation trail left by the adversary, the USS Shogun detects a planet with unusual signals coming from it, and moves to investigate.


Captain's Log

Stardate: 101103

Location: 75.92 LY Trailing Pinastri System

We have exited the 'graveyard' as of several days before and continue to follow the trail of the Snake. With the information CMDR Baxton was able to pull from the computers, we have been able to work out an approximate telemetry. While this is by no means perfect, at least we did come away with some useful information. General deployment of long range sensors and probes have detected a high concentration of radiation in the system we are about to enter. Some of it seems to be chroniton, although from this distance it is hard to get a proper fix, especially with the levels of radiation bleed.

We have detected what appears to be a Class N planet in its wake. While this would usually not be of interest to us at all, this Class N seems to have energy readings that are not natural to the planetary formations. This, coupled with the presence of chroniton radiation, have caused us to investigate.

As we have detected energy readings, we have tried to make some bridge contacts with the planet. So far nothing, however we simply may not be in range. The possibility exists that this planet is lightly inhabited and is potentially in its 'death throes' as a planet. If that is the case there will be a heavily declining population as the planet careens towards extinction due to advanced greenhouse affects and other planetary cycles.

For this reason careful detailing of departments is necessary:

Security as always, we will need to be vigilant of potential threats via space. For this reason Tactical/Security will have to monitor the area. They will also need to scan the surface of the planet as soon as we are able to get a better approximation of the planetary defenses and offenses present.

Sciences need to study the landforms, atmosphere, flora, fauna, etc. to better give information and advice to Medical. They must also do analyses of the planet itself, technology, radiation, etc.

Medical will be relied on to give advice in terms of landing parties if necessary. This is potentially an extremely hostile environment, meaning that we will have to take adequate precautions.

Engineering will give reports based on technology levels when it comes to energy, safety issues, etc...

Operations needs to ensure that powerflow on our ship to ensure all departments can carry out their tasks. Repeated efforts to reach the planet itself must be embarked on.

While this may not lead us to more answers in terms of the Snake, we of course hope it does. This will also add important information as to this region of space, its occupants and the history of the area.


The USS Shogun detected an N-Class planet with a high degree of radiation emitting from it, some of which may be chroniton radiation. Captain Ulrich Bechir ordered the ship into a high orbit to scan and investigate. The planet, Bellorum IV, transmitted an automated message that the universal translator was unable to handle. Operations began trying to translate it, but before before they could succeed, a tractor beam from the planet locked on to the ship. The Shogun was unable to break free. Furthermore, something about the beam caused ship systems to malfunction.

A landing party was sent down to the surface in an attempt to find and disengage the beam. They made a bit of a startling discovery. The planet had originally been a class M planet, but was destroyed by thermonuclear war. Apparently this society had totally annihilated themselves from this war, which also left their planet uninhabitable. It seems that there were some survivors of the war, who slowly died of radiation poisoning. They had time to build a monument to their folly along with a warning to other civilizations to not follow in their footsteps. A part of that monument was a device intended to beam shielding around orbiting ships in an attempt to help protect them from the radiation. That device was malfunctioning, and was the source of the tractor beam holding the Shogun. Engineering was able to disengage the beam and free the Shogun.


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