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United Federation Starfleet Sandbox Rules and Regulations


Major Rules and Regulations

All of the following rules are without exception.<br\><br\> ALL BUILDING MUST TAKE PLACE WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE SANDBOX<br\><br\>

The Division of the Sandbox

<br\> The UFStarfleet Sandbox is divided between the two sectors into Engineering & Authorized Only, or the Red Section; and the Non-Engineering, or Yellow Section. These two divisions are spread likewise between Sectors 001 and 002. <br\><br\> Rules are further defined below. <br\><br\>

General UFS Building & Sandbox Rules

<br\> Priority of use on the Sandbox is placed as the Following

  • Building Classes
  • Active RPs that require the use of the sandbox
  • Authorized Building


All building must take place within the confines of the Sandbox. Builds outside of the Sandbox will be summarily returned.

Cadets 2nd Class, and down are not permitted use of the Sandbox.

Be courteous to others. Negative criticism, will not be tolerated; and result in Probation. This does not disallow Constructive Criticism however.

Official UFS Tool, Weapon, and like Constructions will only be maintained by UFS Engineering R&D. All others will be rejected.

Official UFS Starship Construction will be maintained by UFS ASDB Shipyards. No other starships will be accepted. Starships are defined as (RP wise) any Vehicle that is spaceworthy, and 20 meters and up.

Shuttles and Starfighters are to be handled cooperatively by R&D and ASDB Shipyards.

Base and Starbase Construction are to be handled by SIM Design & Engineering Command exclusively.

Please consult Engineering Command with any questions. <br\><br\>

Use of the Yellow Section

The Yellow section is for any building, and all members of UFS. The primary use of the Yellow side should be restricted to personal builds.

Rules of the Yellow Section

The Yellow Side is for active building only.

You may have up to 255 prims rezzed while active. Use of more prims must be authorized by Engineering Command.

You must take your build with you when you go offline, or inactive, as defined above.

Please be courteous, maintain a minimum distance of 20 meters between your builds and builds of other members.

All builds not conforming to these rules will be summarily returned.

Failure to follow these rules will result in Probation. <br\><br\>

Authorized Builders of the Red Section

ASDB Shipyards Personnel

SDCB Personnel

R&D Personnel

UFS Engineers with projects Authorized by Engineering Command

Academy Building Classes Provided by Engineering Personnel

Rules for Authorized Builders (Red Section)

No more than 255 primitives are to be permitted to be rezzed when the builder is in an offline state, or when not immediately or actively building or working on the project. Use of more prims must be authorized by Engineering Command.

Active builders are permitted to use up to 510 primitives out without the express permission of Engineering Command.

If you have more than 255 prims present in the sandbox, and are currently defined as inactive, your build will be summarily returned.

If you are going to be inactive, pack up your builds and save them to your inventory. This applies to each prim over a count of 255.

If you would like your build to remain in the sandbox while you are inactive, you must have a sign placed by the ASDB Shipyards, R&D, or Engineering Command.

Be courteous to others, keep a respectful distance between your work and others works as well. Do not place 'junk prims' in, on, or near another persons works, this may result in Probation.

When building in the Red Section, please be courteous to other engineers. Do keep spacing between builds with a 20 meter minimum. This is conducive to the addition to current builds in place.

Non-Authorized Users in the Red Section will have their builds summarily returned. <br\><br\>



Definition of an Active Builder

An active builder is any individual who is actively working on a project. Active is defined as any builder with prims rezzed in the sandbox who is also present in the sandbox.

An inactive builder is defined as any builder who is not currently in the sandbox with prims rezzed in the sandbox.


If you fail to comply with the Sandbox rules, you will be placed on Probation. Probation is the disallowed use of the Sandbox with the exception of builds specifically ordered by Engineering Command.

Engineering Command

<br\> Engineering MAL