Saka'ari "Ancient"

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Saka'ari "Ancient"
General Data
*Home System: [Saka'ar System, 49 Lightyears Rimward-Trailing of Pinastri.
*Home Planet: Saka'ar.
*First Contact: 2387, Stardate 121202
*First Contact By: USS Shogun
*Faction: None
*Government: Meritocracy.
*Violence: Nonviolent, Neutral.
*Primary Language: Sakaari, English.
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Homo Sakaari
*Scientific Family: Chordate
*Scientific Order: Mamallia
*Skin: White
*Hair: None
*Eyes: Varying colors
*Auditive: Primary vocaliation via larynex
*Emphatic: Undetermined, presumed possible.
*Telepatic: Undetermined, presumed possible
*Intelligence: Sentient
*Genders: Male/Female
Other Information


The "Ancient" Saka'ari are a division of the Saka'ari peoples that are directly descended from a group of Saka'ari from the future, believed to originate between 2395 to 2415. Those Saka'ari were chronologically displaced by the "Void Callers" during ongoing conflict between the Saka'ari and these Void Callers, which may include the Federation. It is believed that this displacement was designed to cause an alternate time line, disrupting Saka'ari cultural and technological progression by introducing them to the culture during the stages of Saka'ari development which is comparable to the Terran Bronze Age.

If this is the case, the plan backfired: the displaced Saka'ari managed to seclude themselves from the mainstay of Saka'ari civilization, eventually building spacefaring technology from the resources at hand. Their commander realized however that the Ancestor Mythos that was part of their cultural heritage was not entirely a myth, but a legendary built on their presence. With guidance from religious texts, they set about creating the Ancestor mythos of the Saka'ari to preserve the time-line as best they could.

These Saka'ari Ancients are now essentially self-exiled from the Galaxy, and have a non-interference law, akin to our own Prime Directive. They currently live in an undetermined number of stations, including the Oroborous, which revealed itself to the USS Shogun in 2387.


First Encounter, USS Shogun crewmembers, 121202


.The Saka'ari Ancients are an isolated race, by intent, due to their knowledge of potential temporal ongoings. They are taught to consider the large-scale possibilities, and have extensive education amongst their Administrative caste, the Scribes, in Probability factors.

From the religious sense, a number of them have been brought up to the legends of the Ancients, their direct ancestors, but not in a dogmatic sense, but to make them understand their background. They seem to have a sense of hero-worship in regards to any historical 'legend' from their descendants past: it seems that they are already as a group familiar with a number of Federation Starships, and their Commanders. It seems they have some considerable respect for the Federation, likely due to some either embellished or biased storytelling.

They seem to be not unlike Starfleet in a sense, however every individual is a member of the crew and is ranked and placed into a caste, like the branches of Starfleet, consisting of Scribes, Scholars, and Lancebearers.

Scribes are the Administrators, Historians and, to some point, Preists. Scholars are the Scientists of all stripes, including Medicinal Science and Engineering. Lance-Bearers are the soldiers of the Saka'ari.


The Saka'ari ancients are Technologically advanced, moreso in some respects to the current level of technology found in the Federation, specifically in the area of transportation.

They are capable of transporting their entire Station across vast spaces via what they call 'Transmat'. The most basic way of explaining is that they extend a bubble and create a large wormhole-like Vortex. This requires an enormous amount of power, provided by a Fusion reactor which puts out almost three times the amount of power found in the reactors on the SS Tranquility.