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SS Pathfinder
"To Boldly go"
*Registry: SS 902
*Class: Dagger Class Starbase
*Faction: Starfleet
*Base of Operations: UFS Headquarters
*Commissioned: 080711
*Operational Status: Drydocked 190504
Design Specifications
Designed Capacities
Tactical Systems
Engineering Specifications
Senior Staff
*Commander: Vacant
*Executive Officer: Vacant
*Chief Engineer: Vacant
*Chief of Security: Vacant
*Chief Medical Officer: Vacant
*Chief of Operations: Vacant
*Chief Science Officer: Vacant
*Chief Tactical Officer: Vacant
Extra Ship Information
Ship Logo


Pathfinder: A successful project mounted by Starfleet Communications on Earth in 2376 in order to establish contact with the standard USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, using the M.I.D.A.S array. This project was successful and Pathfinder remained in contact with the USS Voyager right up until its return to Earth in 2377.


As the name suggests, the Pathfinder Research Facility (PRF) is a scientific research outpost based on Pinastri Prime. A huge state of the art complex of offices and scientific research laboratories cleverly built into the side of a hilly region of the home planet.

It was founded after talks between then Lieutenant (J.G.) Summoner Castaignede and Fleet Admiral Mike Calhoun showed a need for such a facility to exist which would welcome visitors to the planet as well as conduct research into events planet side. Construction took much time and before completed, an XO, then Ensign Jadia Triellis, was chosen to take up the position.

Collaboration ensued between both Castaignede and Triellis with both making plans for the station to move forward. When an incident caused the station to be destroyed, forcing a rebuild, then Lt Castaignede stepped down to head for the Marines branch. This left Ens. Triellis in command, a task which proved to be monumental over the coming months.

It was not until 2384 that Pathfinder finally caught a break. With crew size beginning to swell and capable people moving into positions, the station quickly began to thrive. Quickly taking the lead in all research planet side, as well as thwarting the many attacks on the planet’s surface, Pathfinders crew was highly successful. With LTCMDR Triellis leaving to assume a position at UF Starfleet Command Headquarters, the station was under the command of LT (ret) Domhnall Skytower late 2384

In early 2385 was the transitioning to its current CO, LTCMDR Nabuleone Rhode and its motto is still being 'Looking Upward, Moving Forward, Serving Others,' a trait that is exemplified in the actions of its crew every day. After the heavy tremors and earthquakes which affected the surface of Pinastri IV in the winter 2384/2385, the rebuild of the station in the Building at Sector002 is nearly finished in spring of 2385.

During the year 2385 the Pathfinder Research Facility attracts attention after the accomplishment of a few notable scientific research projects - Moonraker, Meteorology and the research of ancient species in the Pinastri System (Rajan) to name a few examples.

STARDATE 2386: Lt Cmdr. Nabuleone Rhode chose to stand down as Commanding officer and move to back into the science division. To everyone's surprise, CMD Bjork also stand down as XO. This left the Second Officer Lt Cmdr. AndromedaStJohn Aeon, Chief of Security in command of PRF until a new CO. After a review of applicants, CMD Jorden Allen was chosen to lead PRF. He then promoted Lt Cmdr. St John to XO. A move that she struggled with as the Security Division was her first love.

For the next few months CMD Allen head many of the research projects and lead the PRF team on survey mission on Pinastri IV. This led to a more in depth understanding of the planet and the area surrounding PRF.

In the fall of 2386, CMD Allen called, PRF XO, Lt Cmdr. St John into his office and announces that he was stepping down and returning to his first love which was science. He also stated that he was going to formerly recommend Lt Cmdr. St John be the next CO of PRF.

A Few weeks later, Lt Cmdr. Andromeda St John, a Keylarion/Kiana hybrid, was installed as PRF new CO. It took her sometime to select a new XO. Finally Lt HarleyQuinn69 Resident, a Drow, was chosen as the new XO. Together, they formed a plan to expand and move PRF into a new direction. PRF has a new mission which is not confined to just scientific research but, to become a full research facility.

The hope is that each department within PRF will conduct research within their respective disciplines. From there, it will be sent to the appropriate divisions for further study. Conversely, PRF is open to assisting other star bases and star ships with analysis of anything they wish assistance with.

During this time, PRF is going rapidly. PRF has partnered with the UFSA in the midshipman program. This gives academy student the opportunity to observe day to day routine of a working star base in action


On 190504 SS Pathfinder was drydocked on orders of the UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Crew Manifest

Construction and Initial Assignment

PRF has been ever-present on Pinastri since the early days of colonisation however it has undergone massive expansion and a number of facelifts in the time since then. Its current home was completed in early 2385 and provides UFS science with a planet side base of operations that they can be proud of.

Pathfinder’s research activity is varied and covers all aspects of scientific discipline; however its primary work is focussed on studying the Pinastri System. Its work has been instrumental in helping UFS understand its home and the history of the system and its previous inhabitants. Naturally many of the best and brightest scientists that UFS has to offer are stationed at PRF with archaeology, communications technology, computer sciences and cybernetics being other primary areas of research and development. In addition to its scientific remit, PRF also serves as a primary base of operations for planet side operations. It is supported by a number of Danube-class runabouts and also a wing of UFSMC star fighters. It is protected by space dock-class equivalent weaponry and shielding.

STARDATE 2385 It was decided while under the command of Lt Domhnall Skytower, that PRF had out grown it current base and was in need of a series upgrade. The planning stage and initial refit began with Lt Skytower. During this time, the air defence wing was transferred to the UFSM division. With only a shuttle division.

The next phase was for each department head to draw up their needs and to sit with the base engineer to work on the upgrades.

After Lt Skytower stood down and Lt Cmdr. Rhodes was promoted, the actually construction began. Each division saw serious upgrade made to their departments. This allowed everyone more room to perform their assigned duties.

One of the biggest upgrade was to engineering. With the assist and of Lt Cmdr. Ronin, CMD Quron Dagger and CMD Cyril, PRF upgraded their power systems to take advantage of hydroelectric to supplement the current power systems.

PRF Command Centre was also greatly upgraded. Better sensor systems, communications system as well as faster computer systems. Data transfer with the rest of the fleet improved PRF ability to assist in analysing raw data.

One of the biggest improvements was the recreational centre known as Club Latium. This is a three level area that sits on top of the PRF building, where members of the fleet as well as visitor can come and relax and get to know one another. Live DJ play music for everyone to listen, dance and relax to.

One of the newest constructions to PRF if the new Cousteau Ocean Research Institute (CORI) underwater research centre. Named after one of Earth leading experts in oceanography, the centre will carry on his love for understanding the waters of Pinastri IV.

The next phase will be the construction of the orbital defence platform. Like Earth's orbital defence system, it will be monitored at all times. Each single unit will have the fire power of three star ships. Overtime, A net will protect Pinastri IV from random meteors or worse.

Unless Pinastri Prime comes under direct attack then PRF is free to focus its efforts entirely on scientific and research endeavours. With such projects ongoing as Project Darwin and Project Ullysses. Due to the nature of its work it gets a lot of visitors from the scientific community at large. This also leaves it open to infiltration and sabotage, there fore the Security is tighter and more vigilant with strict observation of station rules in place.

Its missions primarily focus on exploring the wonders and history of the Pinastri system.

Technical Data

Dedication Plaque

First Contacts



  • Ship of the Month: May 2384
  • Ship of the Month: July 2384
  • Ship of the Month: August 2384
  • Ship of the Month: October 2384


  • Ship of the month: April 2385
  • Ship of the Month: October 2385


Missions of the Pathfinder Research Facility

Pathfinder Research Missions

2386 DIGGY DUG - Pathfinder Long Term Project


SYSTEM CHECK - Pathfinder Long Term Project

SERVANTOR - Pathfinder Long Term Project


Archaeological Research - Pinastri System - "Rajan" Culture

Single Missions and Projects

Interstellar missions

Interplanetary missions and projects

Planetary missions and projects

  • Small Ship Incursion
  • Dangerous to Touch
  • Invasion
  • Missing Parts
  • Mirror Bomb
  • Poseidon's Revenge
  • Murder
  • Missing Persons

Pathfinder Science projects