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Last Revision Stardate: 090519

Intended Audience:

  • All current and future members of United Federation Starfleet
  • Visitors to Sector 001

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Welcome to Starfleet sector 001. This is the home of United Federation Starfleet. We are a full time Roleplay SIM based on the Post Nemesis time line of Star Trek.

Please wear the attached Observer Tag and follow our rules (below) if you wish to explore our SIM. You will find an applications dispenser sign across from the transporter you materialized in when you arrived here.

Our Story

Following the return of the U.S.S. Voyager to the Alpha quadrant in 2378, the Federation Council and Starfleet Command, spent 2 years reviewing the data that was obtained from her journey. It was decided that a permanent presence was required within the Delta quadrant. The only issue was that with the Delta quadrant being so far away, that supporting such operations on a regular basis would be close to impossible.

In 2380, the Federation Council approved funding for Star Fleet Command to establish a sister but subordinate command called United Federation Starfleet to be based within the Delta quadrant. Under the command of Admiral Mike Calhoun, a contingent of starships set course for the Delta quadrant.

By using the same technology Admiral Janeway used to reach Captain Janeway in the Delta quadrant, this small but important fleet entered the Delta Quadrant, where history is just being made.

Our Rules

  1. Only holstered Star Trek Style weapons are allowed on the SIM. Un-holstered weapons are permissible within sanctioned Roleplay and activities.
  2. We are a Star Trek SIM... Please, No Star Wars, BSG, Doctor Who, etc...
  3. Non members are asked not to rez any prims.
  4. Members please rez all objects except for standard Starfleet shuttle craft in the sandbox. (Land renters may rez personal objects within their own dwelling.)
  5. Flying of all non standard Starfleet vehicles is strictly prohibited, outside of the sandbox.
  6. All OOC chat should be kept to an extreme minimum. If you must say something OOC, please use Instant Messages or the (( __ )) method.
  7. Respect Ranks with proper greeting and treatment at all times.
  8. Please be respectful and courteous at all times.
  9. Voice chat shall be treated no differently then regular chat as in all rules apply to it as well, except in designated area(s).
  10. Fliptitles should be worn at all times when on SIM and reflect your current rank and a single billet in UFS (Division Name) or Observer status.