Royal Asarian Republic

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Royal Asrian Republic
General Data
*Home System: [Demitrus System
*Home Planet: Tirnaris (Demitrus V)
*First Contact: 130116
*First Contact By: S.S Tranquility
*Faction: n/a
*Government: Elective Monarchic Republic
*Violence: Low-Medium
*Primary Language: Tir Nan Og (Fae)
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Tirnaris Asrais Fae
*Scientific Family: Carbon Based
*Scientific Order: Bi-Pedal
*Skin: White to Dark Blue
*Hair: Short or Long
*Auditive: Standard Auditory Communication
*Emphatic: Yes
*Telepatic: Yes
*Intelligence: High
*Genders: 2, Male and Female
Other Information
Slight Telekinetic Powers


The Asrais homeworld, Demitrus, is approximately 48.27 Light years from the Pinastri colony. The system itself is a 7 planet Binary Star System with a Class A4III and G2V stellar classification. The star system also contains a single asteroid belt. The Asteroid belt itself is between the V and VI planet of the system, and is composed primarily of metals, however it was discovered that there are several (approximately 382) Dark Matter Asteroids, leading Asrais scholars to believe that there was once a large body of Dark matter, in size of roughly a small moon, that had somehow been destroyed. The system is composed as below;

Demitrus A (A4III) Demitrus B (G2V) Demitrus I - Class Y Demitrus II - Class B Demitrus III - Class K Demitrus IV - Class M Demitrus V - Class P -Aurelis Asteroid Belt- Demitrus VI - Class C Demitrus VII - Class J

Demitrus IV is the planet known as Tirnaris. It has three moons, and every 528 years, all three can be seen to eclipse. The planet itself is composed of 70% water, and 30% land, containing three main continents. The three main continents form what appears to be a huge crater in the centre, while there is no evidence of an impact site, the three continents are separated and placed together form a generic central circle that has formed an ocean. Spread across the planet are several archipelagos. The three continents are named as follows, the Southern most continent is known as Nojar, which is predominantly a Tropical continent, however further south are great tundra plains. To the West is Kinari, which is a hot desert like continent, with tropical areas at the far north and southern sides. Finally the largest contienent in the North East, accounting for about 54% of the landmass, is known as Jesno. It is a temperate rainy continent, with glacial mountains in the north, and several rainforests to the far east. The planet's capital is located on Jesno, towards the 'central' ocean. The atmosphere is composed of 32% Oxygen, 66.5% Nitrogen 1.5% trace gases.


In 2380, an exploration vessel was sent from Asrais to observe the Federation aboard one of their Space Stations. As opposed to other civilizations, they utilized their overt-participant observation method aboard the Space Station Tranquility. Due to their ship's small size it was discarded originally as a meteoroid, and ignored. Once they boarded the station, they utilized their Personal cloaking technology to interact with the crew and guests. After several days of sickbay becoming filled with people complaining they are hearing voices, or constantly misplacing objects, the Station was put on alert.

Eventually, the Asrais began to utlize their cloaking technology less, appearing to people aboard the station in person, several commented on their resemblance to the mythical creatures of Earth, known as the fae, small winged creatures that enjoyed playing tricks, some harmful some not so harmful, on the humans. However those that initially saw them discarded them as hallucinations. Another week had passed and sickbay once more filled up with people complaining of seeing small blue people flying or running around the station. After a few more days the Captain of the station was the next target, and the Asrais began to 'play' with him. However he was able to outsmart the Asrais eventually and managed to trap one in his office.

After reassurance that they meant no harm, merely to explore and research, the Captain released the Asrais, who refused to leave, believing that if the Captain was smart enough to trap him, then much could be learned from that one individual. After this, they reported back to the homeworld, and official talks opened up. However the Asrais at this time still have not signed the Federation Charter.


The Asrais as a species are divided into two subspecies, the Seelie and Unseelie, in which they have integrated this into their culture via a 'court' system, not to be confused with the judiciary system of court. The court a Asrais is a part of is defined at birth, and typically, the child will be of their parent's court. However it has been known that the offspring should be of the opposite court, but very rarely. In Asarian society, there is a great importance placed on family, as such regardless of this deviation, the child will often be accepted into the court of the parents regardless, Initially other court members may shun the child, however usually the parents or offspring adequately prove their (child's) worth and are fully accepted as a member of the court for life.

The Unseelie court is also what is known as the 'dark court'. Generally, they have a darker sense of humour, and usually play pranks which are of a darker nature, going as far as sometimes dangerous to those around them, and to themselves. They are generally physically stronger than the Seelie, and are characterised by darker skintones, however this does not always determine the court. The Unseelie are generally the more outspoken of the two courts, not fearing to speak up for what they believe in, which is what led to them being the essential rulers of the planet before the forming of the High monarch. Because the Unseelie enjoy being heard, through actions or voice, they have not trained their telepathy as well as the Seelie might have. They can only communicate with other Asrais using their telepathy, and cannot hear, nor speak via thought to other species.

The Seelie court is known as the 'Light court'. They generally have a 'lighter' sense of humour, usually playing harmless pranks, or ones less so dangerous than the Unseelie. They are tend to enjoy agriculture and also animal husbandry roles in society, however also tend to be politicians. While not as outspoken as the Unseelie, during the time of (near) civil war, the fact the Seelie were speaking out against the Unseelie shocked a great number of them. The Seelie place great importance on looking their best, and will, usually, cast aside any offspring that has a deformity. This does not mean they will cast aside an offspring that should be of the opposite court, so long as they have no deformity. When a child is cast aside, it is usually the Unseelie court that will take them in, however some have known to become 'nomadic' and belong to neither court. Because the Seelie are not as outspoken, they have trained their mental abilities moreso than the Unseelie, and are able to communicate via thought to other species, however are usually very simple and short phrases, rarely is an Asrais able to communicate whole sentences.

As a species, they have exceedingly long life spans, some as long as 250 years, because of this, children do not reach maturity until about 75 years old, where they may still take the appearance of a 16 year old human. Because of this long lifespan, the Asrais place little care on racing ahead, one reason for them remaining confided in their home system, however their culture has evolved around them enjoying as much out of their life as possible. While this does not affect their roles in society to a great extent, they will often act childish, by playing pranks on one another, of generally 'playing' with others. This is most obvious when they meet a new civilization, regardless of Post or pre-warp technology, they will interact directly with the species, with their recent technologies, such as their personal cloaking device, they will interact hidden briefly, if the species is determined to be a threat, only the Unseelie will generally approach them, if they are not a threat then both courts will approach the species. It is because of this thinking, that the Asrais have become an integral part of many hundreds of cultures throughout the galaxy, including Earth mythology, where they bare a striking resemblance to the mythical creature fae.

The Asrais of both courts also place high importance on title, their second goal in life is to attain titles, ranks etc, whether it come with privledges or not, it is considered a great honour to be awarded a title or rank within the society, the greatest being High Monarch, of which they retain said title after their reign. If a title is known, it is often best to address them using their title initially, and when leaving, as the Asrais take great pride in hearing their rank/title at every opportunity, to do so they find insulting.


The Royal Republic is composed of two branches. The High Monarchy, and the Royal Senate.

The High Monarchy is the highest position in the government, the leader is known as the High King/Queen ________ of the Royal Asrian Republic. Below them are their ministers that they may choose to appoint, the word of the minister is essentially the word of the High King/Queen in their department, and is rarely contested. The word of the High King/Queen may only be contested by the senate, otherwise it is absolute. The High Monarch's role is to lead the Asrais, to protect them, and to help the Republic prosper under their rule. The High Monarchy is actually an elected position however, rather than an inherited position, and is elected once every 50 years. Due to there being a strong contest between the Seelie and the Unseelie courts, those up for election may only be from a single court, which alternates every 50 years. The initial High Monarch was the notable High Queen Tsaria of the Royal Asarian Republic, who was a Seelie and was accepted by the majority of the modern historians as the greatest High Monarch to date. There is no biased with gender, nor is there any rotation between genders.

The Royal Senate is an inherited position, however not through family line. In Asrais society, as an Asrais falls, another takes their place. This is true for the Senate also, as a Senator passes on, their understudy takes the seat for their lifetime. Because of this, it is common that senators change seats every 25-75 years depending on the age they inherited the seat. At the bottom of the 'line' the High Monarch chooses the next person to be in the line. This is done through the parents applying at birth for their child to become a Senator one day. During their life, they will work in that profession if accepted. Alternatively, the High Monarch may offer it to someone who did not even apply. Because a High Monarch's term only lasts 50 years, without reelection, there is no bias in choosing a next senator to be, and is often done to benefit the civilization, than to benefit a family. The Royal Senate's role in government is to propose legislation to the High Monarch should it pass the vote, between 750 Senators, one for each region. The Royal Senate may also veto a High Monarch's decision with a 90% (675) vote for. It is also the role of the Royal Senate to rule on criminal cases in their region, there is no strict Judicial Branch, due to the fact crime is rarely heard of, because there are few laws in the society.


Technologically, the Asrais are about 275 years, on average, ahead of the Federation, at present. However at one stage, the Asrais were about 2000 years ahead of the Federation, where they had a form of warp drive when Earth was in it's middle ages. While they had the capability of progressing out of their home system, they chose not to, mainly because they do not care for 'racing ahead' to expand, due to their long life spans, however initially they were planning to venture out and colonize, however several explorers witnessed a highly aggressive, but unknown, species that was decimating other races for seemingly no reason, as such, the Asrais retreated to their home system, and focused their resources on developing Demitrus colonies.

Learning everything they could about their home system, so they believe, they turned their attention outward once more. Utilizing the abundance of Dark-Matter in their system, they were able to develop an advanced form of interstellar transport what they called the TransDimensional Drive. Using Dark matter's energy, they are able to physically create a new, temporary, dimension. While the laws of physics remain the same, such as the speed of light, the entire universe is, essentially, massively compressed, allowing for relative Faster-than-Light travel, far beyond that of Warp drives. For example, in the temporary dimension, a meter from our universe may be equivalent to 10,000m in the t.dimension.

The Asrais Royal Fleet is composed of a mere 1,500 vessels, these vessels remain in, or around the Asrais home system. The fleet, because of the lifespan of the Asrais, is approximately 500 years old, and consists of one design, or variations of one design, that is known. The Isarian Battle Cruiser. While there are not many compared to other fleets, the fact that they are all concentrated around one location, with the ability to travel quickly to a point they are required within the home system, makes these, on top of their technology, a formidable opponent.

The Asrais Exploration Division, a part of the Science Minister, uses a separate, much, much smaller vessel for it's uses. Its so much smaller that it can be docked into the Isarian Battle Cruiser about 150 times, and is used to solely transport up to 15 Asrais to planets of interest.


The Asrais are generally about 1/4 to 1/2 the size of the average human, and because of this, are often mistaken by most species as being children, along with their 'childish' behaviour to prank/play constantly. On their backs, they have two long pouchs, otherwise not visible when not needed, where they are able to store their wings. This allows them to wear clothing normally, without doing damage to their wings, it also allows them to protect their fragile wings far better than if they were constantly exposed.

Their skin itself is generally a blue colour, ranging from very pale, to a dark teal/cyan. When touched, their skin is often very moist, to the point where water may be on the fingers of those who touch one. However, depending on the court, or rather subspecies, they may have a warm or icey touch to the water. Seelie generally have a warm touch, whereas the Unseelie are usually cold to icey cold to the touch. Because of the water on their skin, they have a higher heat capacity/tolerance than other species might, however they are prone to very cold and very hot climates. In a desert, they would easily dry up, and require to be watered frequently. In a icey climate, they may begin to freeze, becoming more sluggish to move. Should their skin totally dry up, the Asrais will die, without any hope of revival. As they begin to dry up, their skin begins to feel similar to sandpaper, and will be extremely painful to the Asrais, greatly restricting movement and abilities. Typically, Seelie have a higher tolerance to warmer climates than the Unseelie, whereas the Unseelie have a higher tolerance to the colder climates.

All Asrais also have the ability to manipulate water molecules and their atoms (Hydrogen atoms and Oxygen atoms) at will. They cannot create nor destroy them, on their own, however they can control them, such as the temperature, state, viscosity, and can even make small amounts of water move via telekinesis. However if they are too warm, and are drying up, they lose this ability completely. They also have a slight telepathic ability. Unseelie have the telepathic ability to communicate with other Asrais only, whereas the Seelie have the telepathic ability to communicate brief, simple phrases to any other species.




Sources: Created by - Loki Damour Updated by: Kermie Mistwallow