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General Data
*Home System: [Agno
*Home Planet: Retel
*First Contact: 2152
*First Contact By: Captain Jonathan Archer
*Faction: Neutral
*Government: Confederacy
*Violence: Calm
*Primary Language: Retellian
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Retellian
*Scientific Family: Retellus Sapiens
*Scientific Order: Bi-Pedal
*Skin: Greyish-tan
*Hair: Multiple colors
*Eyes: Blue
*Auditive: Standard Auditory communication
*Emphatic: No
*Telepatic: No
*Intelligence: High
*Genders: 2 Genders, Male & Female
Other Information
Due to Retel's size, Retellian muscle and bone density is higher than humans. Also because of constant exposure to the Vodrey Nebula, Retellians have evolved to become almost impervious to most forms of radiation exposure.


Retellians are stronger than humans but have less stamina in the thinner atmospheres. They are congenial but pragmatic. Their anatomy is very similar to humans.


Unified under Klingon martial law, the warring city-states unified into a confederacy with 12 representatives from the 12 regions on Retel. (The Klingons left Retel for Maranga IV after the Dominion War, leaving a political vacuum on the planet.

After decades of struggle, the militia (trained by the Klingons) established the confederacy to promote and maintain peace and promote prosperity.


After the Klingons departed Retel, the militia formed "Betterment Schools" in order to infuse the culture with higher standards. Children (usually at infant age) were taken from their parents and raised and trained in the secure and nurturing environment of the Betterment Schools. As they graduated, they were released back into Retel culture, where they ultimately made a huge impact on the sociological development of the Retellian people. After several generations of graduates, Retel was intellectually prepared to form their concordant confederacy.

Retellians are very pragmatic by nature and societal evolution-not as stoic as Vulcans, but always looking for a benefit to their actions. Embellishment is almost non-existant on Retel. A "fancy table" is simply a table in their eyes... to be used as such. Nevertheless, Retellians are socially skilled and do not shy away from social gatherings.

Ideology means nothing to Retellians unless they can see a logical and beneficial reward to embracing an ideal. Hence, IDIC is not an ideal, but a formula for Retellians to keep in mind to better their own environment.


When the Klingons occupied Retel, each city-state had a unique set of technological knowledge, but because of the constant wars on Retel, that knowledge was rarely shared among other city-states.

The unification, brought about by Klingon Martial law, put an end to the isolationism so prevalent on Retel. By the time the Klingons left the planet, the Retellians were warp capable (albeit they were limited to Warp 2).

By absorbing the skills of the Klingon Empire, Retellians had learned to develop Disruptors. When Capt. Archer met the Retellians, they were still at a Warp 2 level.

Monetary System

Retellians, because of their heavy reliance on trading, use a variety of payment and exchange sytems. The most commonly used local money is the Klingon DarseQ.


Throughout the early years of civilization on Retel, Animism was the predominant for of religious worship. That gradually turned to ancestor worship as the Retellians believed their dead ancestors to be a deciding influence in their daily lives. Ancestor worship was then replaced by Ancester Veneration, based on the founding Retellian warlords who established their respective clans and city-states. Though ancestors are no longer worshiped, they are held in high esteem and every Retellian adheres to fond dedication to their "founding father"- similar to how the Klingons revere Kahless.


Courtesy and tolerance are the most important ways to approach a Retellian. Embellishment of praise and accolades are frowned upon with disdain. Retellians are a practical people and seek practical conversation. Though dominated by the Klingons for a while, Retel is an independent confederacy, with no affiliations to other political factions. They are neutral, so getting them to join the Federation could involve a meeting with the 144 planetary councillors over a period of time.


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