Relativity Award

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Relativity Award
Relativity Award
Awarded by UF Starfleet Science Branch
*Award Type: Ribbon
*Eligibility: Participation in Science Divisionor department
*Awarded For: Actively participation in divsions or departments of the UF starfleet Science Branch
*Combat/Non-Combat: Non Combat
*Status: Active
*Honor: Lower Honor
*Period: Monthly



The Relativity Award is presented to for achievement within ones own Division or Department of Science. This is awarded by the Head of UFS Science to the individual they believe best embodies this on a monthly basis. As this is awarded only once a month, to be a recipient individuals must have been active, and contributed greatly to UFS Science.


Notable Recipients

  • Lenneir DeCuir
  • Gijsjan Broek
  • Elemer Piek
  • Apollo Call
  • Sofrosta Fleury
  • Nabuleone Rhode
  • Aryela Dagger
  • Moira Kelberry
  • Markus Tyrellium